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There are many parts of the country where the real estate market is always booming. Agents fend off buyers and sellers by the droves while counting their checks from a penthouse.

But outside of this fantasy land, real estate agents need a good marketing strategy in order to keep sales going. Here are tips on making your listing description nothing short of spectacular.

What’s In a Listing Description?

People are naturally intimidated by writing. The idea of coming up with picture book quality visuals in written format is enough to scare off even a seasoned agent.

You can ignore your fear of failure and stick to a tried and true formula for writing a listing description.


The headline of your listing description is what draws the reader in. Here is where you need to put your best foot forward.

Combined with an epic thumbnail photo of the home you’re selling, a good title tells the reader what to expect next. It should be everything about your home’s best features in just a few words.

Some writers choose to add titles and headlines last. Why?

Because short descriptions are the hardest part of writing. You need precision and clarity. It’s often difficult to achieve this until after you’ve gotten into the meat of your long description.

Opening Statement

Next, start your listing with a brief SEO friendly paragraph summarizing the listing description. This paragraph is usually just a few sentences and explains what the reader should expect from your listing overall.

This is where you can also list any special promotions related to your property deal like with mlsli listings.

Narrative Description

This section is the longest written area. It goes into detail about the story of the home you plan to sell.

Your narrative description should include a full listing of features including pertinent information. For example, if the hardwood floors are new in the living room, here’s where you’ll explain to the buyer the age of the floors.

Allow your listing description to walk the reader through each room of the house. If they never visited for a walkthrough, this listing description should make them feel like they’re in the room taking in the crown molding themselves.

Call to Action

Make sure you have a strong call to action to launch readers into making appointments, calling with questions, or forwarding your listing. This section is also where you can repeat the special promotion you have to offer that’ll seal the deal.

Always have more than one form of communication available. Phone and email are the top options because they allow you instant access to potential buyers.

Creating a Great Listing Description

Your listing description can make or break your property deal. You want to use the best descriptive language without lying about your property’s features.

Read other real estate listings for examples on how to position certain features. For more information and tips, visit our blog for updates.

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