Getting locked out of the house after leaving the keys inside is an experience many of us have gone through in our lives. In such times, a proficient locksmith is the best friend we can find. A locksmith can help by creating a duplicate key and letting you enter your house within a few hours.

Locksmiths are more than just lock-repairs and key-makers. They can design the entire security system of your home and keep you and your family safe. Locksmiths are also required for automotive security and building security systems in commercial places. However, before hiring a locksmith, you should know about a few crucial things so that your job is done safely, efficiently and within budget.

Registration and Licence


Before you hire a locksmith for your job, checking the credentials of the locksmith is essential to ensure that he/she is qualified enough to pull off the task efficiently. The best way to guarantee that is by checking the registration and licence of the locksmith. Only if you get assured of the business registration should you hire them, or else you should look for other options. Also, cross-check if there is any other organisation under the same name operating in the location which your locksmith is using to get clients.


A total of 54,200 robbery cases were reported in Australia in the financial year 2020-21, so you cannot let anyone into your property without enough background verification. Several misrepresentation locksmiths out there use your ignorance to get you to hire them. They usually don’t have any actual enlisted location. So, you should check a locksmith’s working permit for its legitimacy so that the security of your property is not jeopardised due to hiring a counterfeit locksmith.

1.  A Locksmith Near Your Location

You might have come to learn about an excellent locksmith some 100 miles away from your house, and you plan to hire him. But have you considered the fact that he may not be able to provide you service in emergency conditions? Suppose you have been locked out of your house as you have left the keys inside, and there is no way to break the lock. In such a case, you cannot wait for hours before your locksmith arrives.

So, it would be sensible to hire a locksmith in your vicinity who can come right away when you call him in an emergency. Most trustworthy locksmith Brunswick companies deploy expert locksmiths at various locations so that they can provide quick service to their clients.

2.  Relevant Expertise and Experience

When asked about the types of work they do, many locksmiths would tell you that they have expertise in almost every kind of locksmith task while they may not have attempted certain kinds of jobs ever before. And if you fall for such claims, it is likely your job won’t be of the best quality, and you would have to get it by another locksmith.

That’s why it is your job to clarify upfront with your locksmith if they have the relevant expertise and experience in the kind of job you are hiring him for. Inquire about the similar type of projects they have executed in the past in terms of scope, scale, budget and security. If you mistakenly hire a locksmith specialising in exterior security and motion sensors for your automotive security purposes, you are likely to search for new locksmiths again after your job is done.

3.  Upfront Price Quote

Being clear on the estimated price of your task is one of the main things you should get done with right at the start. After discussing your requirements with a locksmith, ask them to provide an approximate price quote for your job. Compare the prices of different locksmiths and check which are the most affordable ones.

However, steer clear of any locksmith giving you a price quote way below the standard market rates as they would compromise the quality of your task to fit in the offered price. Locksmiths can even charge you a trip fee, so make sure that is also included in the quote. Getting an upfront quotation will prevent you from paying any extra money your locksmith might ask for once the job is done.

4.  Guarantee of the Work

A locksmith should back his work with a guarantee, and if he doesn’t do so, it’s better not to hire him for your job. So, before hiring, you should clarify the length and type of the warranty that your locksmith would provide you. There are different types of warranties, such as some cover only parts, while others cover the entire work.

The nature of the warranty is crucial to understand so that you can estimate the reinvestment you would have to make for something that goes wrong and is not included in the warranty. Compare the warranties provided by different locksmiths and then choose the one who backs his work with the maximum length of warranty. Make sure you get a hard copy of the warranty statement in writing to be on the safe side.

5.  Customer Service

Good-quality customer service and support matters in any kind of business profession. A locksmith who is professional, communicative and prompt in his job would be your best hire. Ask for recommendations from your friends and acquaintances if they know any locksmith who is very professional. You can even check the reviews regarding customer service against a locksmith you plan to hire and see if he has a greater number of positive reviews than the negative ones.

If your locksmith is quick in replying to your calls, professional while he carries out a job at your place and readily arrives on being called in emergencies, you have luckily found a bankable locksmith.


Now that you know about the essential aspects before hiring a locksmith, you can use them to find a top-rated locksmith in Brunswick and get done with your “lock-and-key” job.

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