Carrying out needed improvements on your house, adding an extension or more square footage, improving the energy efficiency, and installing smart home technology are some of the things you can do to increase the value of your house, so that should you decide to sell, you get good money for your property investment.

Whether you have lived in your house for years or just bought a new place, the home improvement tips in this article will do your house a world of good, whether you plan to sell or want to keep on living there.

  1. Make it more attractive

The exterior of your house is the first chance you have to make a good first impression. The curb appeal will do a lot to influence a potential buyer’s decision to walk in through the door. This is why it is important that the outside of your house is as perfect as you can possibly make it.

If you have existing landscaping outside your house, it will do a lot to make it more attractive. But you should also consider investing in a new coat of paint, especially for those areas the eyes can easily reach.

You should also consider investing in an outdoor deck. This will give your house a different look and will be the perfect place for barbeques and outdoor gatherings.

  1. Remodel the kitchen

Everyone knows that the kitchen is one of the first places a potential buyer will go to, especially in the case of married couples. This is possibly the most important area in the entire house, and so an improvement done here is an investment worth made.

You don’t have to gut the entire kitchen or make expensive changes; simply changing a few things here and there will totally transform the look and feel of your kitchen. For example, you can change the handles on cabinets and drawers, replace the kitchen sinks, taps, and faucets, replace the countertop, and play around with the kitchen lightings.

If the kitchen walls are old, you can add a fresh coat of paint to give the place a fresh look. You may also want to consider investing in a few kitchen appliances upgrades. All these upgrades will impress potential buyers while doing a lot for the market value of your house.

  1. Remodel the bathroom

The bathroom is another place potential buyers will hurry to. This is possibly the most utilised room in the whole house and the most trafficked too.

Giving your bathroom an upgrade means that the next owner will not have to do so, and you will easily recoup your expenses from the increased market value of your house.

Just like the kitchen, there is no need to gut the bathroom to make the needed changes. Simply replacing a few things can have the same effect.

For example, you can replace the mirrors, sinks, faucets and showerheads. You can also dab on a fresh coat of paint or replace the wallpapers. But best of all, you can optimise the bathroom space by installing a bathroom vanity. This handy addition will not only improve the aesthetic value of your bathroom, but it will also provide enough storage space to free your bathroom of clutter.

Bathroom vanities are definitely the way to go if you want to redefine your bathroom space effectively.

  1. Create more space

Adding extra square footage is a great way to increase the value of your house, but it can also be a really expensive project. Of course, you may still recoup your investment, but one thing about huge expenses is that they tend to spin out of control fast.

A great alternative is to reinvent the existing space in your house. For example, you can convert your loft into usable space, either for storage or as living space, or you can do the same to the basement.

If you have an unused garage, you can also convert it into useable space, such as an extra bathroom or a guest room.

Because houses with more usable space appeal to potential buyers, creating space will increase the value of your house and make it sell off the market quickly.

  1. Make your home more energy efficient

Do you know that improving the energy efficiency of your home will increase its market appeal? Potential buyers are always on the lookout for houses that will save them money on energy bills. This is why investing in energy-efficient windows or home insulation is such a great idea.

Even if you are not selling your house, the savings benefits of improved energy efficiency mean that you will recoup your investment before you know it.

New energy efficient windows will save you hundreds of pounds in a year, money that can be channelled to other profit making ventures.

Wrapping up

There are just so many things you can do as home improvement projects that will boost the efficiency of your house, increase its market value, and make it appeal to potential buyers, should you ever want to sell, and the few listed here are good places to start from.

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