You have come to Los Angeles – the city of angels, and you’re looking for a place to live. Finding cheap rooms for rent in Los Angeles can be extremely easy or incredibly hard, depending on how you go about your room-hunting.

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Here are 5 tips that will help you find rooms for rent in Los Angeles at a cheaper price.

 The timing of your move

LA is a prominent place, and living here can be very expensive in Hollywood’s heart. Choosing a time in the off-season can be the right decision since rental rooms’ demand is deficient. If you can move at the beginning of the summer or the fall, you should negotiate relatively low prices.

  • The place you choose to live

Like we said before, LA is a vast place, and not all the neighborhoods share the same features. You have places like Hollywood where it’s super glamourous and just as expensive as it is star-studded. While a site like Alhambra, which is farther away but is proportionally cheaper. Finding rooms for rent in the less expensive neighborhoods can significantly reduce the amount of money you spend on rent and other living expenses.

  • Getting lucky

Now, this is not a sure-fire method, but sometimes it can work. You can have the perfect plan, but it can fall apart just because one thing went wrong; conversely, you can have no plan and be set just because one thing went right. You might be at a coffee shop and hear someone complaining about how they can’t find suitable tenants for the rooms they have for rent, or you could overhear a cousin talking to a friend and hear them talking about a potential roommate. It’s things like these that help you save on rent and living expenses.

  • Location of work/College

You probably came to Los Angeles and looked up rooms for rent because you either got a job or are there for college. The place you rent depends entirely on where your college/workplace is. A workplace in the middle of the city will require you to spend extra money on rent unless you are willing to spend time and money traveling. However, living away from the city center isn’t the worst idea since the public transportation system is relatively good. You can reach almost every part of Los Angeles using the subway.

  • Looking around and bargaining

If everything else fails, one of the best ways to proceed is to actually walk around the city and look at fliers and speak to people. Since the city is so big, you will definitely find people who are either moving out or know someone who is. They might also lead to someone who has rooms for rent and can give you a referral.

Bargaining is also a great tool to employ. If you find a place you like, you can always bargain with the landlord to lower the prices, and even if the reduction is not that significant, you might get some leeway. It never hurts to ask. What’s the worst that can happen? The landlord may deny the request for a reduction.

Moving to a new place comes with many challenges, but there are easy roundabout ways to solve these problems. Los Angeles is a place where life is relatively expensive, but at the same time, it’s a great way to experience a whole new life. You might be spending a ton of money on other aspects of your life, but living doesn’t have to be one of them.

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