Even in a tiny space, you can still be the master chef of your kitchen. In these small areas, you need to research some smart ideas and make space functional, stylish, and fun. 

Storage is essential in a tiny kitchen space. You have to maximize every space, recognize areas that are not utilized properly, and add a solution where it’s necessary. In no time, you can turn your tiny room into a Tardis.

The first thing that you should do is to think about how you usually use the space, where you need to put certain things, and what storage do you want. An apt example is to store items according to the frequency of usage. 

Opt for the compact type of containers

Make recess, shelf, or windowsills work by embellishing the space with stow bottles or sturdy baskets, or herbs and packets in pots. To store your condiments, you can also use baskets that will make them ready to take to the dinner table. There are cheap and stylish containers and kitchen cabinets online as well, so you can also explore this option. 

 Give your washing machine a new home 

While most homeowners believe that the kitchen is the best place to store the washing machine, some put it in the bathroom. If you lack space, then opt for the latter. Relocate the laundry appliance in your bathroom or any other vacant area possible. You can squeeze it in your cupboard below the stairs, too. 

If you own a separate dryer and washer, you can keep them in your kitchen but stack one on top of the other to save space. 

Choose an oversize sink 

Small kitchens might not be the best place to install a dishwasher. In this case, it’s more logical and practical to give space for a double sink. One for the dirty and used dishes, the other for the washed ones. With this, you have a place to hide mucky plates and prep kits without the clutter. 

Make every corner a storage space

To do this, you have to identify first if there are areas with gaps. Check for gaps and wasted space in between shelves, cupboards, sink, windowsills, and corners. Stack things that can be stacked to clear some space. Also, you can relocate items that you don’t use daily. You can place them elsewhere in the house. Check your doors and walls, as well. See if you can install functional cabinets you can buy from sellers of kitchen cabinets online. 

Look for Storage helpers

Drawers and cupboards are the most significant and most useful storage partner you can have in your home. Then again, these are not being utilized in most homes properly. In that case, maximize internal storage options by retrofitting racks that can pull out slim cupboards, plinth drawers, or use drawer dividers for your plates, pans, spices, and utensils. 

You can also boot your kitchen storage with a mobile option like a butcher’s block or trolley on castors. Think of containers or popping baskets on top of your cupboards. 

There are plenty of things you can explore to manage your kitchen space more efficiently. Hanging cabinets, stylish containers, and other storage cabinets can be bought from online websites, and it can make much difference to even the tiniest spaces. 

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