With the start of the new year we often find ourselves making plans on how to fulfil our dream holidays. Have your summer travel goals already been made? If not, we would love to introduce you to the Czech Republic in this article. The country might be small, but it is definitely worth a visit. What will be waiting for you at first glance in this inconspicuous place?

Rich History

The Czech Republic was the centre focus point for many lords and dynasties thanks to its advantageous position in Europe and diverse natural wonders. On the other hand, renowned artists, scientists and other persons of significance were drawn to Prague because of its charm as a place to live and prosper. Religion also played its role throughout the Republic’s history. Thus, history has left behind an entire collection of romantic, joyous and dramatic stories in this wonderful country.

Magical Historical Sights

With a rich history full of fascinating stories tied to a large number of architectonic gems ranging from one of a kind epochs from the romantic age, through both the Gothic and baroque ages, all the way to the modern pieces of the 20th century. Prague Castle unequivocally stands among the most visited sights in Prague, and it is here you can witness the merging together of all the architectural styles mentioned above. There are also 14 Czech sights recorded on the UNESCO World Heritage list scattered across the country. Plus, a seemingly never-ending number of castles and châteaus that almost appear in competition with one another for whose beauty will catch your attention first.

Prague: the Mother of Cities

Let’s take a moment and spend it in this Czech metropolis. It wasn’t for nothing that she was nicknamed Prague, the mother of cities, in the Middle Ages. Prague truly is a very significant business, political and cultural epicentre. However, even today Prague’s historical core is still quick to take your breath away with its distinctive atmosphere. The Old Town Square in Prague is actually considered to be one of the most picturesque town squares in the world. The tiny, crisscrossing streets in Malá Strana (Small Side) under Prague Castle invite you to enjoy endless strolls with camera in hand. And from the castle walls of Vyšehrad you can take in the panorama of the one hundred-towered Prague, which is especially magical at sunset.

Well-Connected to other Cities and Neighbouring Countries

First off, tourists from non-EU countries can’t praise the Czech Republic enough for its strategic position in Europe. They quite often book their stay at a hotel in Prague and take single-day trips to other interesting cities found in the neighbouring countries, such as Dresden, Nuremberg, Vienna or Krakow. And, of course, travelling from the capital city to other highly visited places around the Czech Republic is made easier with both simple-to-use and practical connections. On your next trip be sure to visit “the silver city” Kutná Hora, the fantasy land that is Český Krumlov or Carlsbad – the most well-known spa in the Czech Republic.

Outstanding Cuisine

Today nobody is doubting the fact that Czech cuisine belongs among some of the most celebrated in the world.  Restaurants all across the larger cities in the country are waiting for you where their top-notch chefs are preparing the choicest specialities made according to traditional recipes every day. And don’t worry, there will be plenty of Czech beer, too.

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