With the world becoming a lot more cosmopolitan, everyone enjoys the freedom of speech on different platforms. However, there are a lot of people who want to remain anonymous when posting their blogs online. Although digital media gives us the freedom to express ourselves in the best possible way, no one can escape its dangers. Continue reading to know a few reasons why you might consider posting your blogs anonymously:

  1.     Write Anything Unapologetically

The most coherent benefit of posting discreetly is you can jot down everything that is going on in your mind. Especially when it comes to criticizing the odds of society and group mafia, one can easily expose a lot of dark secrets of the world. Having the freedom of speech can be utilized best when you have the benefit of hiding in your cocoon. You will be intrigued to know; anonymity is a major weapon of veteran artists from across the globe who tend to express their views through their work. Had they informed the world about their presence, governmental authorities would have caught them.

  1.     Escape Trolls and Hate Blogs

Trolling is the hate machine of today’s age. The moment you post anything that is of the public interest, you will have to cater to both positive and negative comments of the public. However, if you post your blog anonymously, you will easily be able to escape hate blogs devoted to you. Most critics begin jotting down the names of people who speak vociferously online. You will be shocked to know, a lot of people who can’t make online trolling and criticism often develop different health conditions such as anxiety and depression.

  1.     Stay Safe

Another strong reason to remain anonymous online while posting your blog is to stay safe at home. No one wants to be hounded by negative people in today’s age, with several security measures available online. So the best way to protect yourself from any kind of trouble with negative people online is to keep yourself discreet. In severe cases, if you are traced by hackers and goons, they might cause physical and emotional damage. With criminal activities being rampant throughout the world, it is important to weigh the pros and cons of writing anything for the web.

  1.     Raise Awareness

If you want to create a difference in the world, you can do that by lending your voice to issues that are of paramount importance. Sometimes, the government loves to brush several issues under the carpet, but you can play your role by vocalizing your thoughts. As discussed, remaining anonymous gives the opportunity to write anything you want. You can also visit DOE to know more about the anonymous content posting guidelines online.

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