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Effective communication skills have always been termed as a key tool which helps in having a dynamic personality, which has become a need in today’s modern cut-throat competitive environment.

It has been observed many times that whenever someone is learning a new language like English, then it becomes little difficult to get familiar with the words, know their meaning and deciding that at what time you are going to use which word. For this purpose, a dictionary has been developed, using which anyone can find the meaning of any word in which they are facing the difficulty. Also, there are certain words which we come across in our day to day life and are new to us, then a dictionary becomes the best tool to find the meaning of the word.

We have advanced towards 21st century where the internet has become the next big thing and all of us are surrounded by smartphones. Today, we can find mobile apps for each purpose. From social networking to video streaming to work management, life has been sorted out in the most optimized way by smartphone apps. Keeping this thing in context, you also have the privilege to carry a dictionary in your mobile phone and need not carry any hard copy of the dictionary with you.

When you have a dictionary in your smartphone, it is easy to access it and find out the meaning of any word you are facing difficulty with.

Here below we are going to mention a few reasons that why you should carry a dictionary in your mobile phone and save your efforts from carrying the hard copy of the same –

1) Easy to Carry

One of the best advantage that having a dictionary on the mobile phone is that you can carry it anywhere without the worry of taking a physical dictionary with you. It does not take any extra space and you will never have the fear of forgetting it anywhere. When you have your dictionary with you on your mobile phone, then it will only take the storage of the mobile and will need no physical storage.

2) Speed as well as Convenience

The best part about carrying the dictionary in the smartphone is that it makes the process of finding the meaning of a word very fast and it gives lots of convenience to the users. Whenever there is a need to find the meaning of a particular word, you can easily search it from the search section and you will find your result in the blink of an eye. Whereas in the physical version of the dictionary, you need to dig out multiple pages to find that word and its meaning. The mobile dictionary saves lots of efforts and time which is not possible in the case of the hard print of the dictionary. Also, the mobile dictionary has also given the option to spell out the word and help us to know how exactly the certain word is pronounced.

3) Mobile Dictionaries are Free

This is one of the advantages of a mobile dictionary that a physical dictionary can never have. Whenever you are going to have a physical dictionary, someone is going to purchase it and a good quality dictionary is always costly. Whereas, when it comes to the dictionary on the mobile phone, they are always free to use and download. Though there are few dictionaries that are available in paid version as well, that is required at a large scale. Hence, for general users like us, mobile dictionary will always be available free of cost and we can use it anytime. Moreover, we also get the opportunity to try multiple apps for the same purpose as there are lots of publishers who have uploaded their version of the dictionary in the app stores and a user can download them, use them and find them compatible as per their choice and need. If they feel uncomfortable with any of the mobile dictionary, they can uninstall it and download a different one. You will always have a bunch of Free Dictionary in the play store to choose from.

4) Regular Updates

Getting regular updates in the mobile version of your dictionary is also one of the advantages that you are never going to find in the physical version of the dictionary. At times there are few defects in the dictionary that may include the incorrect definition of a certain word or incomplete meaning, then it is not possible to update that file as the hard copy has been printed. However, when it comes to the situation in the mobile app of the dictionary, you will always find the regular updates with all the errors being fixed. Additionally, the dictionary in the mobile phone also finds updated words which are latest and can’t be easily found in the physical copy of the dictionary.

These are some of the top reasons why you should use a free dictionary on your mobile phone and avoid the use of carrying a physical version of it.

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