Research has proved that LED screens are the most efficient when it comes to energy consumption and in displaying clear images. The LED display can help you to engage with your audience or employees easily. LED displays are in high demand these days owing to their advantages.

If you are considering buying an LED panel, you may find it challenging to make a decision. This article makes it easy for you to arrive at your purchase decision because it gives you more insight on some of the essential factors that you should put into consideration when buying an LED display.

These factors include:

  • The size of the screen

The LED screens are available in different shapes and sizes. When buying or renting an LED screen, you should know beforehand the size of the screen that you want. It is critical to choose the size that will suit your needs.

For instance if you are buying the LED screen for your company to convey information to your employees, it is recommended that you choose LED screen that is big enough so that your employees can see it from far. The big LED screens are also ideal for weddings or stadiums.

  • Brightness

The brightness of the LED screen is measured by the number of nits [cd/m2]. For you to decide on the brightness requirements, you must know where and under what conditions the screen will be used.  If you’re planning on using the screen indoors, then the screen has to be 600 nits. For outdoor usage, the brightness level may be a bit higher.

Screens that are used on the streets are about 2,000 nits. If a message on the screen has to be bright and readable under direct sunlight, the brightness should be at least 6,000 nits. When you want a picture to be visible even from a great distance, then the display should be 12, 000 nits. The brighter the screen, the higher the audience coverage. The LED display should also be able to adjust the brightness level at twilight automatically.

  • Ease of installation

All LED screens use a similar technology to display content, but the installation generally differs depending on the brand that you choose. If you choose a fully assembled LED display from, it will save you time and money during installation.

When buying or renting an LED display, it is critical to inquire more on the installation process. Some LED display requires you to hire a professional for installation, while some others you can fix by yourself by just following some simple steps. Nevertheless, it is advisable to choose an LED display that is easy to install.

  • Maintenance

For you to maintain your LED display, you must access it either from front or back. Maintaining your LED display from the front is quite expensive, and it can also be hectic if it has a complex design. Such kind of screens can be installed closer to the wall because they don’t require to be accessed from the back. Screens that are easily accessed from back are ideal in places where there will be frequent access to the back of the screen.

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