Every business needs to have a presence on social media platforms, particularly Facebook. This social networking site has robust marketing options, such as Facebook groups, which are used by many small businesses out there. With a solid presence on this social platform, you can engage leads and transform them into your customers, thus growing your business.

A strong Facebook presence can make your business look more legitimate, make the customers trust your brand more and ultimately help your business grow. And even better, it will be providing your audience with updates, value and notifications on their preferred social platform which they are likely using daily.

With so much interest and competition in the social media space, we can all benefit from the various tips and case studies across the internet. To help with this process, be sure to read through an follow our three steps to help grow your brand on Facebook, while also offering support and value to your audience through FB Fan Pages.

  1. Create a Strong and Well-Branded Business Page

Do you wish to enjoy a professional presence on Facebook? You have to create a page that is separate from your personal profile on Facebook, and which should be dedicated only to your brand or business. A social business page is similar to a standard profile, but is meant for business and brands.

Once you create a page of Facebook, you will find many options for the customization of the same. Not only will having a business page on Facebook allow you to reach new audiences and have yet another site profile ranking in Google, it’s also a great way to start sending traffic back to your site as well. For all of this to work seamlessly, you will have to add as many details about your business as important, such as:

  • Address
  • Contact Information
  • Website
  • Business hours
  • Types of products

It is essential for you to add a profile and include all those photos that show what your business is about. Once you have created the page, post content regularly on it. Post with a good frequency, at least once every day. Your customers and audience have to be given enough information about your business, and make it relatable to them. It is essential to be regular with your posts, and publish quality content that shares information about your services, products and employees.

When adding all of the most basic information to your Facebook Fan Page, it’s also important to make sure you put some extra work into the customization and creative options offered. By this, we are talking about the profile photo and the background cover image. You can learn more about each of these creative options here.

For advanced engagement and user interaction, be sure to mess around with different features like user polls, open discussion and even running your own social media sharing contest or giveaway. Using the Facebook Page Insights tools will also help in allowing you to better understand and learn what your audience would like to see. That way, you do not have to make guesses and post exactly the types of content that they like.

  1. Engage with Your Social Followers

The new algorithm of Facebook favors pages and posts that generate a lot of engagement. Before you post something on Facebook, ponder on whether it will convert into customers. Keep in mind that Facebook is above all a social networking platform, and you have to be social in your approach as well.

As reported in this expert contribution article on Forbes, there are many different ways to increase user engagement through the use of a Facebook Page. Nearly all of the methods mentioned focus on catering to the end user and not creating fluff content just to put something out there.

If you want to find success on Facebook for both your brand and your audience, it’s important to make sure you are doing more than the competition and not looking at every like and share as a way to measure ROI and user experience.

Businesses have to respond to the concerns, queries and comments of customers to interact better with followers / fans. Use the page like a social one, and try to know about the needs of your customers through Facebook polls and by answering their reviews. Quality content posting can ensure proper engagement. For the best results, you have to be conversational and friendly. With responses to private messages and comments and timely updates, you can go a long way in engaging with Facebook fans.

  1. Promote Your Pages to New Audiences

It is no use to create a great page if nobody sees it. However, you can build a sizable fan following on Facebook in many ways. Once you create a business page for the first time on the website, send invites to existing customers through Facebook. You can also grow your audience with traditional marketing techniques.

A perfect example of this can be seen below, in the Christensen Recycling Facebook Page screenshot below. Not only have they done an excellent job with branding their FB page to promote and brand their company, they also make it extremely easy for users to find their contact and site information as well.

To do this for your own page or business, be sure to add a link to your business page on Facebook, on your business cards as well as in your email signature. It can be a good idea to incorporate all the social profile links on your business website as well as any marketing material that you create.

Add a special promotional offer or discount coupon on your Facebook page. Request your customers and fans to give ‘Like’ to your page to bag the offer. It can be easier to promote your Facebook page if you create an URL that is basic and easier to recall.

In case you are facing problems in making your Facebook page reach online users through organic traffic, you can use Facebook ads instead. Posts promoted on Facebook appear as standard FB posts, although they are highly targeted and can reach more number of people.

The tools and features of Facebook are highly effectual, and can target specific customer base very easily. You may target those who give ‘Like’ to your page, or target them by:

  • Interests
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Location

As user data is collected by Facebook, you may use it to target your ads to all those who are likely to be interested in the type of services / products that you have on offer. This social networking website also comprises an analytics tool that can let you have a better understanding of which types of ads can drive sales and interest better.

You may also leverage the friends of fans. Once people interact with your business page, their friends will observe their activity in the news feeds. Studies show that people are likelier to try a product or service if the same is being used by their friends as well.

How to Find the Most Success with Facebook Fan Pages

We’ve definitely covered a lot of information here, and it can be a daunting task to move forward with the creation of your FB fan page if you haven’t created one already. However, just take a moment to skim through each of the highlights and recommendations above, and then remember these when you are walking through the step by step process provided by Facebook.

Creating a Facebook fan page is extremely easy and will only take a few moments of your time. The important thing to remember is that most of the work is going to come into play when you are trying to promote your page, reach new audiences and provide value to them to user-focused content.

Focus on each of these elements, as they are going to be the leading contributors to how successful your social media marketing efforts and branding on Facebook will ultimately be.


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