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Technology has altered the way all of us operate. This may be seen in our personal, and professional lives, and how new opportunities are crated to improve both. The world has moved online, and so has every aspect of life. The internet is a global marketplace, with vendors that offer all kinds of products and service to suit the need of people everywhere.

Things aren’t much different for the real estate sector. People are expanding their real estate horizons. Realtors are broadening their scope of services to accommodate the evolving needs of their global clientele. Real estate websites and online portals are easily available. These allow you to browse through property listings to get a feel of all potential choices. This way, you won’t have to hunt down a realtor to show you properties that aren’t always what you seek.

South Asia (encompassing India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri-Lanka, Bhutan, Maldives and Afghanistan) is one of the world’s fastest-growing real estate market. However, it remains underappreciated. This is due to the lack of reliable sources to gather helpful insights for national and international property investors.

In this blog, we will tell you about three game-changing South Asian property websites. They will help you navigate the real estate market of South Asia like a pro. Whether you are a native seeking to shift, a foreigner looking to make some profit in this promising real estate region, a property owner looking to sell for profit, or a landlord hoping to find decent tenants. These websites, as the title suggested, make all kinds of property transactions ‘a piece of cake’.

You can look at pictures of each property listing using these websites. They even categorises their listings based on living amenities, including commute, bachelor-friendly, type of schools, and even the quality of the nightlife.

1. (India) is a Gurugram-based property search portal. It lets you browse houses, flats and land in all 40 major cities of India. The company has over 6,000 brokers. It can help find the ideal real estate or tenant prospects in cities like Chennai, Mumbai, Banglore, Dehli, Amritsar and Kolkata etc. The website is gaining in popularity as the best place to find a house in India. You can find listings for all kinds of properties, located in all major Indian cities. You can also get help from their professional staff as well. is an official partner to prominent real estate businesses like India’s Real Estate Forum, Realty BI, Makaan and Prop Tiger.

2.    Lanka Property Web (Sri Lanka)

Sri Lanka is a popular tourist destination in this part of the world. More often than not people fall in love with it enough to decide to relocate there. For both the locals and new natives, Sri Lanka real estate offers enough capacity and versatility to accommodate all their needs. Their property market is currently doing very well. This can be evidenced by the recent 64% spike in property prices in Greater Colombo, as per a recent study.

To find a property in Siri Lanka, you should visit their premium property portal ‘Lanka Property Web’. Established in 2007, it is the most visited website in the country, offering the greatest number of listings

3.    BProperty (Bangladesh)

BProperty is a multi-national real estate venture that operates in United Arab Emirates, Morocco, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, aside from Bangladesh. Here we will focus on Bangladesh alone. Presently, BProperty is the largest e-commerce property buying and selling website in South Asia. You can either be a renter or a seller, and make profitable deals through this portal. The website’s multinational status ensures that all its clients are served with the standards upheld by the world’s top real estate firms. Bangladesh has a rich cultural history, and despite being an under-developed county, offers great opportunities for investment in real-estate.

While on the subject, you should also know…

Housing (Indian real-estate portal) and Prop (Pakistani real-estate portal) are two of South Asia’s most credible property websites. They offer real estate insights better than traditional realtors. However, to get a better understanding of the area you are looking to invest in, you should also be aware of the Openstreetmap website.

The Openstreetmap is a Wikipedia-inspired, global collaborative project. It aims to create a streetwise map of the world, which can be edited or improvised when needed. People offer volunteered geographic information that can help you have a clear visual of any neighbourhood and its facilities (proximity to expressways, restaurants, schools etc.). More importantly, it is available in any part of the world that holds an interest for you.

You must come across property portals on the internet all the time. However, the reason for creating this blog is to introduce you to the online platforms that are leaders in the real estate business. This will help you avoid fraudulent listings that may pose a financial and privacy risk.

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