jersey framing

Everyone has a favourite sportsperson/player, and there is no limit to the admiration and love they have towards the sport and the person. A true admirer will buy their merchandise and show support to the player and team. Merchandises range from mugs, trousers, hats, and most importantly, jerseys. In every sport, the jersey is the most valued item, and it’s everyone’s wish to get their hands on one of the signed team uniforms. Fans usually do jersey framing to keep it clean and protected for a long time.

If you are very fortunate, you will receive the jersey while in the stadium, and the first thing you must do is protect it from other fans and bring it to your home (just kidding). You must have seen people with a vast collection of sports jerseys on their walls. And they will collect the jersey of almost all the players and keep them in a separate room dedicated for this purpose only.

1. You can hang it on walls

It is the main reason why people want to frame them. There is no more enormous joy than hanging your favourite sportsman’s uniform on your wall. Every day you can look at them and cherish the memories of winning the tournament, world cup, and all the celebrations. You can show it off to your friends, guests, and relatives when they visit your home. Framing is the best way to keep those memories and cherish them in future.

Some sports enthusiasts collect the entire team’s jerseys of a particular period, such as winning the world cup or a tournament. It is not easy to collect each player’s jersey, and it may take weeks, months, or even years to get the signed team uniforms. Only a person with determination and dedication can achieve this feat.

2. Protection from damage

There is no greater pain than seeing your favourite sportsperson’s team uniform getting wear and tear over time. Even if you keep it in a secluded place, separate from other clothes, it will get visible damage over time. Keeping it inside a well-protected quality frame is the only way you can guarantee its long term survival. An experienced firm that does jersey framing will do exceptionally well in keeping the item safe and secure inside the frame.

Some brands provide frames (with strong glasses) with higher built quality. These frames have glasses that will be thicker, stronger and have a meagre chance of breakage during falls.

3. Safe from theft and loss

You may lose the precious jersey during events like house shifting, home renovation, or remodelling. It might be your family or the workers who will misplace or lose the jersey during this event. If you are keeping the team uniform in a unique frame, it is easy to notice, and people who find it will understand the importance of that piece of cloth.

It is complicated for a framed item to go missing or be left alone in someplace while vacating a home. If hung on a wall, the first item to be taken to the luggage bag or truck will be that item. Framing an item is a way to let people know about the importance of the item inside it.

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