What things do you keep in your backyard?

We store a lot of valuable things out there. From basic outdoor furniture like tables, chairs, and the barbeque, to sports equipment like bike or tread mill, to pricey home repair tools, to luxurious cars. Without adequate outdoor security, all of these are easy targets for burglars.

Many homeowners invest so much in securing their home interior but overlook backyard and garage security. This becomes a loophole that would-be intruders might assault.

The fact is that home security should start from the outside. You need to keep your perimeter secure as intruders can find their way inside your home through these weak links.

How to burglar-proof your yard?

Below we take a look at some proactive steps to safeguard your backyard.

  1. Ensure adequate lighting

You don’t need a security expert to tell you that lighting is the number one deterrent to intruders. As such, it is highly recommended to install lighting around the gate, fence, driveway, garden, and exterior buildings such as sheds or detached garages. Better yet, invest in motion-activated lighting for cost-efficiency. To prevent tampering, outdoor lighting should be installed at least 10 feet above the ground.

  1. Invest in outdoor alarm system

Just like indoor home security alarm system, there are also technologies designed for outdoor use. Some of the best driveway alarm reviewed and recommended by top security experts provide 24/7 protection for your yard. They alert homeowners of any intrusions, thwarting any thieves from successfully carrying out their plans.

  1. Secure outdoor stuff

Some things are intended to be used and kept outdoors – and these are often targeted by burglars, which make it extremely important to secure them. An experienced security expert at Property Guard Master recommends storing outdoor stuff, such as ladders, tools, bicycles, tables and chairs, in lockable shed or in the garage. For movable, bulky items that cannot be kept inside a locked enclosure, you can use chain or padlock.

  1. Install alarm system signage

Alary systems are a very effective deterrent to thieves. Alerting burglars of its existent would prevent them from ever targeting your home. You should display stickers or signage in conspicuous areas. Make surveillance cameras visible but tamper-proof. Studies have shown that the flashing lights of security gadgets can dissuade burglars.

  1. Ensure effective fencing

To safeguard your perimeter, it is vital that you have strong, high fence around your yard. Aside from keeping intruders away, fencing can also help keep unwanted animals out of your property. However, a fence is not always enough. You need to regularly check your fence for damage or holes that may need immediate repair. Make sure the locking mechanism is in good working condition.

  1. Keep an inventory of your outdoor belongings

It can be difficult to remember properties you have in your yard. We only get to remember a thing when you need it – and often, it’s too late. Keeping a record of your valuable outdoor properties, including serial number and other distinctive characteristic, is recommended. You can use your inventory when reviewing your items.

Better yet, you can take pictures of your properties. In case of burglary, it’s easier to make a report and recover the property, as well as, filing insurance claims.

  1. Keep garage secure

Garages, especially the detached ones, are among the top targets of criminals. This part of your home is also a liability that can derail your home security all together. As such, you have to regularly check its security. Make sure the windows don’t give a clear view of its interior. The windows and doors should have reliable locking mechanisms.

The garage gate should have a deadbolt lock and made of strong material. If possible, invest in a remote control garage door opener. This lets you stay inside your locked car and drive inside the garage before you get out of your vehicle.

  1. Eliminate hiding spots

Check your perimeter for spots where intruders might lurk. Regular yard and landscape maintenance can help identify and remove hiding spots. Keep shrubs and trees trimmed low enough to provide clear view. If your landscape design includes bushy shrubs and large trees, be sure to keep dark spots well-lit.

Aside from eliminating these hiding spots, keeping your yard clean also sends a message to would be intruders that someone is actually home. Studies show that untended lawns are more often targeted by burglars.

  1. Don’t leave valuables outside

This one’s pretty basic security tip: never leave your valuables outside – and that includes the garage, lawn, sheds, etc. By keeping high value items in clear view, you invite people with ill-intent into your place.

  1. Be part of neighborhood watch

Nothing bits this last tip. For instance, if you will be away for a while, you can ask your neighbor to look over your home. But more than that, by being part of a neighborhood watch, you can help secure not just your own home but also that of your neighbors. Everyone can help each other in keeping eye of suspicious individuals.

Neighborhood vigilance is not just an effective burglary deterrent, it can also help prevent other criminal activities. Keep your neighborhood aware of potential dangers and help create a safer place for everyone!

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