The choices for marketers in the digital age are numerable. But how many are actually effective and deliver a ROI?

Digital marketing may give small businesses the potential to grow, but unless you can reach your customers and influence their purchasing decisions, the time, money and effort spent on your marketing strategy is all in vein.

SMS marketing has a way of cutting through the noise.

Positive open rates

Multiple surveys report the open rates of SMS marketing messages boast the highest open rates of any marketing strategy. Results range from 90-98% the bulk of which are read within the first 3-seconds of receipt.

Not only does SMS have the highest open rates, the conversion rates are impressive too. Statistics compiled by Adobe show 32% of recipients respond to offers sent by SMS and mobile coupons sent by text are redeemed 10 times more than traditional coupons.

Personal touch

Brand marketing is evolving, and as relationships between brands and consumers become more distrusting, facilitating a two-way conversation becomes increasingly important. SMS does not have to be used for sending ads, but can also be utilised to encourage conversational responses.

In order to foster long-term loyalty, brands have to find solutions that enable you to effectively nurture customers and provide a service that makes your customers feel like a person rather than a statistic. SMS is highly versatile and one of the best marketing tools that deliver personalisation in a meaningful way.

Consumers are open to text messaging

One of the biggest research project on mobile messaging, performed by Twilio, surveyed more than 6000 mobile owners across Europe, Asia and North America. The results revealed that 9 out of 10 consumers prefer to use SMS to communicate with the brands.

Whilst customers are open to receiving text messengers, marketers should be respectful towards your audience. When somebody has been kind enough to provide you with their personal contact details, it is not polite, nor a good marketing strategy to send too many offers or messages that are not irrelevant.

Easy to install and use

Technology is served to us with the promise it will make our lives easier and increase productivity, profits and a merry-go-round of other potential benefits. This is true, although many of these technologies require time and patience to learn how to use them effectively.

SMS platforms integrate into your existing CMS system where you can use tools you are already familiar with. The user-interface is minimal and intuitive so it is easy to create and send messages, then monitor and measure performance both in real-time and over scheduled periods.

Supports overall marketing strategy

Digital marketing promises huge potential for enterprises, but for small businesses on a small budget, online visibility can take a while to achieve. SMS marketing is more direct and provides you with a platform that enables you to reach your audience every time.

As mentioned above, SMS messaging should be relevant and does not always have to include an ad or offer. Modern consumers want information and because you can insert links, videos and images, you can drive traffic and create a unique user-experience.

If you haven’t tried SMS marketing yet, you could be missing out on opportunities to communicate with your audience and build a loyal customer base. Whilst your rivals are distracted with digital marketing strategies that take time to nurture, why not get ahead of the game and go mobile.

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The creation and reach of mobile expertise made individuals more communal and interaction more individual. Therefore, the mobile device number of an individual has been the place at which they may be approached at an instance. The promotional messages and calls are at present a regular thing all over.

The message is involving the straight approach to the client. It would not bother them as a mobile call would and they may go through the message in facet anytime. These attributes of SMS have created it a well-liked technique of promotion.

In India, various business organizations and producers are employing text messages to promote their artifacts to a broad variety of clients. The expertise of mobile, system and internet are employed jointly to attain the complete intended customers.

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The marketing of a product via bulk SMS is successful when evaluated with different traditional method. A text message can communicate the apparent thought and it includes the straight approach to the client.

There is no possibility that they overlooks the ad. Although, text message is successful, unique bulk messaging technology require being included when it disquiets a big number of receivers. The bulk SMS services make sure the approach of the SMS to a large number of receivers at a low price. This is a key attribute that brings in various companies of India to use bulk messages to approach their clients.

With the bulk messages and small code services marketing in addition to notifications related to a product or organization can be simply allocated with huge number of individuals. The judgments and response of the receivers can be checked.

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Checking again the thoughts of the client is necessary in increasing the trade. This improves the reputation of bulk messaging services. Bulk messaging is a successful technique that is having straight approach to intended receivers.

The reputation of these services in India is growing regularly. Quick SMS in addition to quick notifications are the latest trends in marketing world.

Also, how to send SMS from PC, Magento SMS gateway, WHMCS SMS notify, SMS software, etc., are different promotional methods that help in making your business marketing campaign successful.