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Raja Ampat is a remote tropical paradise in the region of West Papua in Indonesia. It has a worldwide reputation as one of the most beautiful, exotic getaway locations.

Home to stunning white beaches, picturesque tropical views and a huge variety of plants and wildlife it’s no wonder this location is so popular. This place is truly one of the most perfect examples of a tropical paradise that anyone can visit.

It’s no surprise that a dive resort in Raja Ampat is one of the most popular attractions. The following will discuss some of the most exciting and rewarding activities someone can get up to on their visit to this beautiful region of the world.

Explore the Waisai area

Waisai is the gateway into the island paradise and it is likely where travellers will first arrive. It is a bustling hub of activity where several boats make trips back and forth from more than 1000 islands in the archipelago.

This area has plenty of its own diving and fishing spots and sightseeing spots that are perfect for a hit Instagram photo. It is also home to the beautiful Waiwo beach that has a lot of international buzz around it.

Sightsee at Pianemo Island

The best spot to get a total view of the surrounding area, Pianemo Island’s viewing deck allows travellers to see all of the archipelagos’ islands amongst the clear blue sea.

If the scenery alone isn’t enough, there’s opportunities for cliff jumping into the lagoon below. This is a magical experience in the crystal clear water that won’t soon be forgotten.

Go diving

This is the primary attraction of the region’s tourism and there’s a good reason for it. Diver’s around the world see the archipelago as a holy grail of diving spots for it’s incredible diversity of sea and plant life.

With 75% of worldwide species of coral living here, there’s so much to see and experience that there aren’t enough diving sessions to see it all.

Diving resorts in Raja Ampat are built around this incredibly fun activity and take care of everything for their guests. When going diving tourists will be accompanied by professional guides who come full equipped for every part of the underwater experience.

The resort will supply all the types of facilities and diving equipment victors will need. As specialists in providing amazing diving holidays, these resorts make sure tourists are in good hands.

Swim with the underwater critters

The locals of Papua are a harmonious relationship with the local underwater wildlife and this is something that tourists can share in as well.

There are several places on the islands where an encounter with dolphins, manta rays, sea turtles or even whale sharks is almost guaranteed.

Checkout the wildlife

Although diving underwater has it’s many thrills in this region, tourists shouldn’t miss out on the incredible land life that’s to be seen in the local forests.

Many rare plants and highly exotic birds all reside on the lush forested areas of the island. The birds of paradise in this region really live up to their names.

Watch the sun set and rise

One major beauty of this archipelago is the ability to see the sun both rise and set in the most beautiful locations.

Going up a hill, sitting on the veranda of lodging or just hitting the sands will all give access to spectacular views of the sunrise and sunset. While it might be hard to wake up early after the day’s adventuring, the sunrise in Raja Ampat is well worth it.

What’s mentioned here is just a taste of the many amazing things visitors can do this region. The combination of beautiful locales, diverse wildlife and friendly culture make this a perfect getaway destination.

A Raja Ampat best resort is the perfect combination of pampering, relaxation and outside activity that every dream holiday needs.