Knowledge is always very critical, and I have always been intrigued by what happens in that part of the world wondering there has to be more than just the poor rhetorics you hear over and over on media. Heard about this from one of my kid’s friend and was going to check it out.

Having been in the media publishing business for 22 years, I know committing to TV format and movies at the same time is a difficult task for Big companies like Sling or Hulu both of which I own an account. But this company, Entertale, is proving a robust African institution with its vision of being the future of African TV.

Africa is chasing the world and very slow at it. Linear TV is still a huge deal over there, but with the most populated number of youth and quick adaptation to technology, the gamble might be the right one for the social TV network. Over two decades, we have seen Television grew as a medium and the rise of shows that can compete with or surpass any film regarding narrative complexity and visuals. But almost no one watches television in 2018; they watch TV while they check their email, or update their Facebook, or play Candy Crush and this is where Entertale will flourish. Also check these websites for watching unblocked full movies for free.

The more tale one consumes on the platform; the more one becomes convinced they are being designed specifically for this type of audience in mind and also for someone like me. The company knows the direction young generation consumption is going to play – our iPads at the hotel or the road, home to families with wandering eyes, and not in darkened cinema free of diversions.

Some of the TV channels are from youtube but who cares really and how is that a big deal as it is the same channels and the problem of easy discovery is solved. “You will see a few things you will enjoy, every time” one must concede. “and it’s an addition to what I have – a good one indeed. And if you think I exaggerate, I only ask you to try it.”

If the $8 million covers are by any chance is true, by the end of this calendar year, will have 250 movies, and TV shows added content arsenal available on its live streaming TV service. You could cancel cable, stop going to the movie theater, throw away your television, and still have hours of new content to watch every single night you get back from work all year round and its African!

No business can afford to ignore the potential of videos on social media – especially not seeing as more and more people continue to watch more and more videos on an almost daily basis. That being said if you intend to start publishing videos on social media, it is important that you ensure they have what it takes to reach and engage viewers.

If you want to come up with effective business videos for social media, one of the best places to start is by understanding the three key traits that they tend to have:

  • Emotional connection

Have you noticed that videos that are humorous, inspiring, surprising, or downright shocking tend to get shared and commented on a lot? The ability of these videos to draw out reactions is no coincidence, and it stems from the emotional connection viewers feel when watching them.

If you want your business videos to make an impact, you should try to do the same. Create videos that are likely to provoke an emotional reaction or connect with viewers emotionally, and you’ll find the results are nothing short of impressive.

  • Bite-sized and ‘snackable’

People on social media don’t sit through long and drawn out videos that often, and prefer ‘snacking’ on videos that are bite-sized. That is something your business should take to heart, and come up with videos that are short, succinct, and direct.

Try to keep all your business videos on social media as short as possible. In fact aiming for videos that are between 15 to 60 seconds long is probably best.

  • Visually oriented

A big part of the appeal of videos as opposed to other forms of content is their unique visual nature. Ideally your business videos make it a point to take advantage of this, and try to make videos that put across their points and message as visually as possible.

It helps to rely more on visuals and less on audio in your business videos too. Increasing numbers of people are watching social media videos sans audio, which makes it important that your message can be delivered without relying on audio too much.

While the three traits highlighted above will enable your business videos to attract and engage more viewers, there are other factors that are important too. In particular it is important that you create the right type of videos, with topics your viewers are interested in.

One way to come up with business videos for social media is to use Movavi Screen Recorder for Mac to record your screen. By doing so you could create how-to guides for digital products, record interviews via video calls, record streaming video on Mac and much more.

Rest assured it is easy to set up Movavi Screen Recorder for Mac and configure its recording parameters including the framerate, audio source, capture area, and so on. Its features will even let you record keyboard and mouse actions – which can be very useful when creating how-to guides or product demonstrations.

All in all it should take just a few minutes you should be able to set it up and start recording your very first business video. With the range of options in Movavi Screen Recorder for Mac you’ll be able to ensure that you record exactly the footage that you need to create your video.

This article is definitely for the ones who would prefer watching something over the screen in a video format rather than surrendering to a textual document.

According to researchers, 59% of the total population prefers watching videos. Video streamers such as YouTube and Netflix have been flag bearers till now. However, with the advent of live streaming YouTube has also developed their own live streaming software so that they can present live broadcasts for audiences in every corner of the world.

What is live streaming?

Live streaming is an approach by which you can present any occasion to an online crowd. It’s a computerized alternative to something like pitching tickets to an in-person occasion, and enables you to contact individuals close and far with live video.

Brands utilize live streaming for various reasons, yet as indicated by a Brandlive’s study, 71% of organizations utilize it to collaborate more with a group of people. So as opposed to being the notorious “man behind the window curtain,” you’re enabling viewers to put an image to your association’s tag, all at the same time.

There are some specks which if followed can help you live stream successfully.

Plan your live stream

You’ll need to put a similar idea and due steadiness into your live stream that you’d put into an in-person occasion of its kind. Furthermore, you’ll need to have your objectives as a top priority as you make those arrangements; those will direct a considerable measure of the coordination.

Know your audience

Knowing your targeted interest group will decide a couple of bits of the arranging procedure will help you in the long run. On the off chance that it incorporates a worldwide population that should factor into the date and time of your stream then make certain to consider time zones or occasions that won’t be top-of-mind in your nation of origin.

Categorize your stream

At that point, consider what classification your live stream falls into, and come up with a tagline for your occasion. On the off chance that you don’t discover any of the above cases fitting to your business, there are more ideas for ways organizations can utilize live streams.

Choose your platform efficiently

The platform you utilize can also be relevant to who you need to see the stream. Diverse groups of people utilize different channels, so you’ll need to pick the one that is destined to draw the crowd you want.

Finally, pick an ideal area and the best live streaming software from which you’ll communicate your stream. A low quality video can make somebody 62% more prone to have a negative impression of the brand that created it – so ensure your setting is helpful for a positive review experience.

Live video marketing has turned into an exciting trend in the online promoting sphere. On account of the arrival of Facebook Live and various contending social networking mediums, brands are working harder than any time in recent memory to bring important, intriguing live recordings to their clients.

Let us state some of the brightest examples of some brands who have already streamed live successfully.


Buzzfeed doesn’t offer items or services like most organizations, so it doesn’t have any new items to dispatch or any services to flaunt in a live video. Rather, they profit through promoting and have some expertise in attracting audience with content.

One of their recordings ran for more than 45 minutes, and in spite of its silly introduction, it wound up drawing in more than 807,000 viewers at its top in popularity. This is just because Buzzfeed provoked watchers’ interests and continued raising the strain—truly and metaphorically—all through the video.


Grazia is an Italian ladies’ magazine, and Grazia UK is a worldwide subdivision of it. Back in June, Grazia UK went to Facebook’s London base camp for organizations to assemble collaboration of what they called their first “community issue.”

Throughout the seven day stretch of the joint effort, Grazia UK live streamed different occasions, giving clients an off camera view that influenced them to feel like they were a part of the occasion. Be that as it may, the best video was a roundtable level headed discussion concerning Brexit. Live level headed discussions are quite often well known, particularly when they include the support from the group of onlookers; and obviously, this one did. Clients could submit questions, live, social networking platforms, and feel like they were an important part of the open debate all through its runtime.


Dunkin Donuts depends on visuals to offer its item since it’s difficult to oppose having a doughnut or espresso when you see one. So it’s was just expected that the brand exploited the desserts overwhelming Valentine’s Day season with a live streaming video.

In it, the brand investigated its “test kitchen” for viewers, indicating how it makes new items and manifestations, finishing with a finale that included the making of a monstrous, doughnut themed wedding cake. The live broadcast drew in more than 36,000 watchers, which may not appear like much. However, consider the fact that these individuals weren’t watching sports, or news, or something interesting rather they were watching a cake get made.

The overall population has a tendency to incline toward visual content to penned content, since it’s a more fundamental type of network. On account of speedier broadband connections and cell phones, it’s simpler than ever to watch video recordings, so they’ve turned out to be way more main stream as an online medium.

Social media devotees additionally love to live in the present and live recordings give them that point of view. Instead of seeing a recorded event, they need to encounter something urgently and instantly.

Live video likewise opens the path for live review, for example, client contributed inquiries or remarks, which adds a layer of engagement to the experience. By 2018 you can be sure that most top-grossing brands are backed by immensely powerful live streaming software and an immaculate video content as well as design.