Pianos are delicate, awkward, and heavy, so if you plan to move your piano into your new home, here is a guide to help you successfully navigate such complicated a process.

1. Gather the Right Packing Materials

Before moving your piano to your new house, make sure that you gather all the appropriate removal packing materials. Assemble high-quality packing and moving supplies such as quilted pads, piano dollies, and furniture straps.

These items will protect your piano against dents, scratches, and bumps. They will also give you a better grip whenever the piano will have to be handled or moved.

If you are using a removalist to move your piano, check that they include these materials as part of their service.

2. Prepare the Piano for the Move

Take your time in preparing your piano for the move.

  • Close the piano lid to protect the piano keys during the move. If the lid has a lock, then you can lock it. Ensure you keep the key somewhere safe.
  • Remember not to move the piano long distances on its wheels because these wheels are designed only to move the piano within a room and not between properties
  • If required, lay the music stands flat and flush against the side of the piano.
  • Cover the piano completely with heavy-duty blankets before securing it with straps if required.
  • Baby grand and grand pianos require extra disassembly and equipment to move safely, so these types of pianos are best moved using a professional piano removalist.

3. Make a Moving Plan

It is not easy to move a piano so don’t add any more difficulty to it by not having a concise yet clear moving plan. This will give you a clear picture of how to move the piano from the starting point to its intended destination.

When creating your moving plan, it is crucial for you to measure the dimensions of the piano and all the areas through which it will pass to reach the moving truck. Measure the hallways and doorways as well and remove all obstacles.

Don’t forget to communicate your plan to all members of the removal team. Make sure that everyone knows and understands their responsibilities.

4. Get Professional Help

Enlisting the help of a professional mover is the best way to move your piano. Reputable, professional piano removalists know how to safely move this bulky musical instrument and make sure that it arrives at your intended destination in its pristine condition.

Advantages of Hiring Piano Removalists

Prevent Property Damage

If your piano holds a great deal of meaning and has been around for generations, the last thing you want is for it to get damaged. Hiring professional piano removalists will give you the peace of mind because you know that your piano is in expert hands.

They know the proper techniques to get your piano out of your current house and into your new home. Also, they have the proper tools to get your piano in the truck and to disassemble and reassemble it appropriately.

Pianos are delicate, so it is vital to take the proper precautions and care while moving it to maintain its excellent playing quality.

Protect Yourself from Injury

Some pianos are too heavy andrequire certain techniques and equipment that only professional piano movers can provide. Regardless of how many people will help you, some may easily lose their grip, throw their back out or trip over something, resulting in serious injuries.

Save Money

Most people don’t hire professional movers to save money. But if your piano gets damaged, you will end up paying a lot more than what you have spent on hiring a professional.

Regardless of the weight and size of your piano, you can’t move it alone. Enlisting the help of strong family and friends can be an option but it is highly recommended that you get professional help to avoid any health and safety risks. Besides, they are skilled and equipped for this job.

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Did you notice your website’s traffic? Is it unexpectedly low? This often gives goosebumps to any webmaster. Does Google penalize you for something? If yes, then you need to take it very seriously. When Google has a problem with your website, they exclude you from their search results.

So, what’s next?

In order to tackle such problems, you need to understand all the rudimentary facts about Google penalties. This post addresses all these facts about Google penalties. So, let’s get started.

Understanding Google Penalties

When there is some problem with your website, Google always keeps a close eye on that. They set some ground rules which helps them to keep the website in order. When any website violates those rules, Google penalizes them either by warning message or excluding them in their search results.

This is done to make sure that the websites rectify the issue asap. Most of the Google guidelines are based on user interaction and user security. After rectifying the issue, the webmaster needs to inform Google to recrawl the website to make sure that the issue is resolved.

There are two types of Google penalties, Manual penalties & Algorithmic Penalties. Let’s discuss them in detail.

Algorithmic Google Penalties

analytics 2618277 640
analytics 2618277 640

When Google changes its guidelines, it penalizes website under algorithmic penalties. Google uses a defined “Algorithm” to cater the best search results from the ocean of websites for the users. For serving the user in better ways, Google constantly tweaks the algorithm. This results as beneficial for many websites but some websites face downside as well.

When Google updates its algorithm, many websites almost disappears from its search results. You can reckon these websites as algorithmically penalized websites. A receiver of Google Algorithmic penalty.

The main reason is only the violation of guidelines of Google webmaster. There is, however, one problem with these algorithmic penalties. Google does not inform you that you have received any penalty. You have to figure it out yourself. How can you speculate that? I will cover that later in this post. Let’s move to the next penalty.

Manual Google Penalties

As the name suggested, manual penalties of Google are actually manual actions of a homo sapiens from Google. These penalties are given when a human in Google investigate your website and find some flaws which can potentially harm the user. There are many reasons for which Google can penalize you manually.

The upside of manual penalty is that you will get notified that your website is penalized. All the website with Google Search Console account will receive the message. Not just a text about the penalty. They also guide you in rectifying the issue with your website. That is surely a bright side.

How Can You Find That Your Website Is Algorithmically Penalized?

As there is no notification for the algorithmic penalty for your website, the first sign of trouble will be a significant/noticeable drop in your website’s organic traffic. Remember, organic traffic is the one which comes directly from search engines.

One important thing to mention. There might be a possibility that even when you are algorithmically penalized by Google, you still rank high on other search engines.

So, the simplest way to figure out if you are penalized or not is to visit your Google Analytics account. Then you need to Login to your account. After that click on Acquisition on the left-hand side of the dashboard. Then click on All Traffic, then Source and then Medium.

When you click on Medium, you will see a graph. Then you need to click on Google/Organic.

Now, adjust the time span to refine the graph according to the timeline. If you have been penalized algorithmically, you’ll see a drastic change in your website’s organic traffic.

How Can You Find Out If Your Website Is Manually Penalized?

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gui 2311260 640

This is very simple in comparison to algorithmic penalty. All you need to do is log in to Google Search Console. It is the common channel through which Google communicates the website issues.

You need to click on the Search Traffic option on the left-hand side of the dashboard. Then select Manual Actions. If you have any manual penalties, you will see that info in this section. And if not, then you will see a magical typo saying, “No Manual Webspam Actions Found”. It is as simple as this.

Some Common Problems Every Website Faces

Whenever there is a change in Google’s algorithm, several websites all over the globe face one or many issues. In this section, we will discuss those issues and try to find a plausible solution. Let’s get started,

Do You Have Spam Links To Your Web page?

If you frequently do guest posting, then there is a chance that Google reckons it as a malpractice. Backlinking is a good SEO practice, however, you need to be sure that the backlinks you getting are from reputed and authentic websites. In these scenarios, the best practice is to either disavow those links or nofollow them.

Do You Link To Any Spam From Your Website?

If you are in a practice of selling links or affiliate links, you need to be reasonable with that. If those are excess in number, you must disavow them or nofollow them.

Do You Show Poor Content To Your Users?

A bad content is worthless. You need to make sure that your website content shares value with your user. In-detail contents are paramount nowadays. Share value and get value is the new formula for avoiding Google Penalties.

Over To You

So, this is all about Google Penalties. Whether it is manual or algorithmic, you must avoid them in order to get most from your website. So, tackle the issues and rank higher. Ciao for now!!!

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We all know how to take care of our garbage at home. We know to put our recyclables into a separate bin and we know which night our bins go on the curb to get picked up. But when it comes to waste management for a business, things can become a little tricky and many different questions arise.

Who picks up the trash? What type of rubbish is allowed to be picked up? How often can your garbage be collected? These are all questions that arise for a business looking to dispose of trash, and this article will explore these questions a little further.

Find a waste management company that is right for you

Finding a company that specialises in business rubbish removal is the first step to taking the hassle out of waste removal.

Seeking out a company that suits your needs is crucial as different businesses offer different solutions. For example, your company may need oil waste removed which has completely different requirements than the removal of medical waste.

If you are a company that has several different types of garbage that regularly need to be removed, then it is beneficial to find a company that offers a variety of services for businesses of all sizes.

Several garbage collection companies in Australia offer services such as 24 hour emergency spill response, skip-bin hire and oil recovery, among others.

Furthermore, figuring out if the company can cater to your schedule and pick-up interval is crucial. You may need garbage collection services once, twice or even three times a week so when selecting a company you need to ensure that they can meet your needs.

Confirm that the company is sustainable

We all have to do our part to reduce our carbon footprint, so it imperative that you know how your junk is collected, treated and disposed of. Many waste disposal companies fully disclose these details on their websites and it is worth doing some quick research to confirm that yours is one of them

Many businesses will reuse and recycle where they can, and treat other products so they can be disposed of safely. It is not uncommon to find a rubbish collection company that is progressive with their sustainability initiatives so do not settle for anything less.

Find out exactly how much garbage can be removed

Once you have found a business rubbish removal company that offers services that suit you, it is vital to find out if they can cater to the amount of waste you have.

Searching on the company’s website or speaking to a customer service representative takes little time out of your day and can save huge hassles down the road. You should be able to find a company that can meet your requirements, but you will need to check.

Figuring out the costs

It is important to establish how much junk removal is going to cost your business so it can easily be put aside in the budget. Don’t be afraid to ring around to get quotes and find a price that is well-suited for you.

Find out how the garbage collection service would like to be paid, and if this is an easy process. Many companies take bookings and payments online as to ease the process as whole.

Education and training

Educate your staff by taking advantage of the training offered by many trash disposal companies. Staff can partake in training at an offsite location or education sessions can be arranged at your place of business.

Many companies choose to take this opportunity to teach their staff valuable information about how they can help the world become more sustainable as well as how they can make waste management easier in the workplace. Contact your local junk disposal service to find out how you can organise this education in your workplace.

Whether you are a small enterprise or a large and well-established company, waste management is a necessity. When it comes to organising business rubbish removal, research is imperative to ensure time, money and resources are not wasted.

To summarise, find a company that is tailored to your business needs, seek a business that practices sustainability and establish your garbage collection requirements as well as the costs.

Find a service that is easy to book and consider educating your staff on the importance of waste management. Setting aside time in your day to find well-suited rubbish removal in Sydney could make a positive impact on not only your business but also on the environment as a whole.