It’s that time of year again, when we’re all desperately wishing we could crank down the AC.

But while your mind may jump to the air conditioner, there are plenty of ways to get a cool home without ramping up your electricity usage—and they start outside the walls of your home.

Here are five ideas to not only improve your home’s curb appeal, but also help you escape the intense summer heat.

Install Fixed or Motorized Awnings

While we may remember to add interior window treatments, awnings are a great exterior renovation to add a little curb appeal to the outside of a home.

In addition to their charm, these roof-like shelters are a practical way to shield your home and windows from the sun’s glare. The Department of Energy estimates that awnings can help reduce solar heat gain by 65% on south-facing windows and 77% on west-facing windows.

One added benefit? Their relatively quick installation can make them easy home upgrades for a quick cooling win.

Add a Vine-Covered Pergola

These stylish structures can be placed in the walkway in front of a home as a natural extension of a small porch. You can also install one over a side patio for a little extra shade and privacy. And just as shade from trees has a cooling effect on your home, pergolas can throw a little shade onto your walls to keep your home cool as well.

Though it may take time, threading climbing plants like ivy or morning glory through the spaces of the pergola can add a burst of color to your home.

Paint the Walls or Roof of Your Home

We all know it’s smart to wear lighter clothing when we’re out in the sun since darker colors absorb the sun’s radiant energy and keep us warmer.

There’s evidence to show that this is true for homes as well.

According to research by the Department of Energy on cooling your home naturally, darker paint colors can absorb anywhere from 70-90% of the sun’s radiant energy. That energy in turn can make your home feel perceptibly warmer. In other words, repainting your home in a lighter color can help reflect heat for more efficient cooling.

Install Solar Shades or Shutters

If you’re trying to keep your home cooler, the best way is to keep the sunlight out of it in the first place.

There’s a huge spectrum of cool home screens on the market, from the textured appearance of plantation shutters to the classic look of exterior solar shades. No matter what you decide, these installations are typically made of durable, long-lasting materials that make them great exterior home improvements to beat the heat.

As a bonus, these outdoor treatments are not only appealing to the eye, but they can also make your porch or side patio feel like an extra room—which certainly doesn’t hurt your resale curb appeal.

Add Solar Panels

Many homeowners admit they don’t love the look of traditional solar panels. Some may even worry that they diminish the curb appeal of a home.

However, as photovoltaic technology develops, we’ve started to see more aesthetically pleasing alternatives. Sleek options like photovoltaic slates and shingles can add a little shimmer to your rooftop without appearing bulky or overwhelming the look of your home. And with one of the most energy-efficient home improvements on the market, what better way to literally keep your home cool than some extra energy for your AC?

Renovations for a Cool Home

Beating the summer heat with a nice, cool home doesn’t have to be a challenge with these ideas—and you may find yourself adding some appeal to your home’s exterior along the way.

If you’re looking for extra ways to improve the value of your home, check out the tips on our blog!

There are many advantages that come with window tinting your office building. One of the undeniable merits is that it makes your premises look great in the eyes of your clients. It could even get you new hires and buyers! Even for your suppliers, tainted office windows have a huge impact. Below are the top benefits of installing tinted windows in your workplace.

  1. It reduces unwanted solar heat

Tinting an office is the most effective way of minimizing the excess solar heat that is transferred through the windows. Well-tinted windows can reduce indoor heat by around 78%. What a good way to cool off the sun-drenched spots in your office! You can finally control the hot areas of your working place. you can take advantage of these wonderful benefits by getting touch with Sunshine Coast Window Tinting company today!

  1. Tints block harmful UV rays

If you didn’t know, window tinting can block 99% of the UV rays, besides reducing direct sun heat. As such, it protects your valuable furnishings from the detrimental effects of UV rays. Moreover, it acts as a sunscreen for the skin, safeguarding you and your office workers against UV.

  1. It reduces heat loss

Tinting the office windows is another way of controlling the indoor temperatures. By reducing heat loss, you can save on your cooling costs. This is because a cool environment increases the efficiency of the HVAC system, leading to reduced power bills. For the same reasons, most architects, engineers, and designers recommend window films to reduce indoor heat and consequently lower the cost of cooling an office or home. Summer heat and winter cold cab get inside your office through the windows. The good news is that a window tint film would reduce such leakages, making your office energy saving. Imagine the hot sun hitting your thermostat head on half the day in every room of your office premises. That means your AC would be running more than necessary. But if you install window films, you can save thousands of dollars on your cooling bills for years.

  1. It minimizes safety environmental hazards

If you don’t want to expose your office to vandalism and intruders, consider tinting your windows. Window tints can be the safety nets you just need to keep off burglars. Most of the tint films are shutter-proof. They also prevent damage from scraping and paint. There are even high-end tints that can protect a building from a bomb blast. They may not prevent debris from flying in but will drastically reduce the extent of damage and flying glasses getting into the office. Shattered glass is hazardous during a bomb blast as well as in other natural calamities like earthquakes and storms. Special tints are designed to hold the glass together even when it breaks. As such, you have no worries about the minute shards that fly into an office. Like the safety glasses, tint films make windows less hazardous.

  1. It complements the office design

If your office takes a contemporary design, your designer can help you pick a window film that complements that design. A tint is a special finishing. It is not just functional but also an aesthetic element. It is a great way to enhance both the interior and exterior decors of an office. It makes your workplace look more elegant and you don’t need to break into a bank to do it.

  1. Quick installation

If you call a professional to install a window film, the disruption of your work schedule will be infinitesimal.

  1. Window tinting adds on to your comfort

If you have ever been to a restaurant near the beach with clear glasses, you will notice that no one wants to sit near the bright dead zones as they are too hot. This could happen to your office and the problem is that there might not be extra desks for the employees who are sun-drenched. What will happen to those workers? They will suffer and probably seek employment elsewhere out of resentment. Luckily, window tinting can keep off the hot sun rays and still allow sufficient light to brighten your office. You and your employees thus enjoy a cool indoor environment.

  1. Warranty plan

If you contact a professional service, your windows will be backed by a warranty. It’s, therefore, a risk-free investment.

Most people think that window tinting is only reserved for cars. What they don’t know is that the benefits of glass-tinting automotive can be passed on to an office. Designers encourage commercial tinting to help you defend the comfort and health of a workplace as well as improve energy efficiency and aesthetics.

Whether you are being bothered by snow reflections, direct sun, surrounding buildings, or nearby water, a window film is a perfect solution to help minimize the irritating glare.