Car accidents

Car accidents can be a frightening and shocking experience, no matter where you are. Specifically in states like Arizona, however, certain types of Phoenix car accidents occur more often than in other parts of the country.

Thankfully, there are steps we can take to help increase our safety on the roads. We can prevent ourselves from becoming sad statistics just by becoming familiar with the typical causes of these auto collisions. Below is an understanding list of the six most typical triggers for car injuries and Phoenix car accidents in Arizona.

1. Drunk Driving Accidents

In Arizona, we often see Phoenix car accidents unknowingly caused by drunk drivers. People drive under the influence of alcohol daily, and such careless mistakes can quickly escalate into something far more severe.

If you have consumed alcohol and intend to drive, always make it a priority to plan a sober driver—no matter how many drinks you have. The potential risks are enormous—not just getting fined or arrested, but someone else on the road could be hurt or even killed.

2. Parking Lot Accidents

Getting into or out of a parking lot can be dangerous because car accidents happen there, and most of the time, it’s because drivers aren’t paying attention. If your vehicle appears unfamiliar with where you are going, and there is no clear indication of what you are doing, other drivers in the vicinity need to take extra precautionary measures.

This makes people more aware of what’s happening around them, which can prevent mistakes like one driver backing out while another moves forward too close or not realizing this is happening. In this situation, both people are responsible for being careful and thinking things through before doing anything to avoid hitting other cars.

3. T-Bone Accidents

An intersection or other location with more than one traffic lane is considered a “T-bone accident” when one car strikes the side of another vehicle. Most of the time, these kinds of accidents happen because drivers don’t stop at intersections or ignore their surroundings as they drive through them. So, drivers should always be aware and careful when going through corners and on roads with more than one lane so that these kinds of Phoenix car accidents don’t happen.

4. Taxi & Limo Accidents

Although taxi and limo drivers may have years (or even decades) of experience driving professionally, they still can get involved in accidents occasionally due to their long hours behind the wheel and potential distractions from customers within their vehicles. So, if you ever get in a taxi or limo to get somewhere, follow all of the driver’s instructions so you don’t cause any distractions that could cause an accident on the way home or somewhere else.

5. Reckless Driving

Reckless driving is another major cause of Phoenix car accidents in Arizona due to drivers’ excessive speed, improper lane-changing habits, running red lights/stop signs, and failure to yield the right-of-way, amongst many other behaviors that put others at risk on the road. All drivers in Arizona need to use defensive driving techniques so that they don’t add to the problem of people driving too fast.

6. Excessive Speed

While it’s no secret that there are a disproportionate number of Phoenix car accidents in the state of Arizona, a lot of these accidents happen due to excessive speed highways used by people traveling between states. Most of the time, this is because people are driving too fast and not paying attention.

This is why it’s so important to always follow the posted speed limits on highways and roads to avoid attracting the attention of law enforcement. After all, we want responsible driving, not dangerous roads and expensive traffic tickets. Also, being a responsible driver helps make sure that everyone on the road is safe and protected.

The Most Causes of Phoenix Car Accidents: In Conclusion

No matter how well we drive, we cannot control how others drive on our roads; however, understanding what risks we should look out for can help us remain vigilant behind the wheel regardless of where we drive in the state of Arizona.

You can help keep yourself and those around you safe while traveling throughout the Grand Canyon State by becoming familiar with the six most frequent reasons for Phoenix car accidents in our state: drunk driving, parking lot collisions, t-bone collisions, taxi and limousine incidents, reckless behavior, and excessive speeds. We hope you found this information helpful, and please stay safe when out on the road.