Your kitchen holds a very special place in your home as well as in your heart! If you are an ardent lover of food, then you must be spending a whole lot of time in the kitchen experimenting and creating your favourite delicacies. It is extremely important for you to feel happy in the kitchen if you want to make good food. Not only this, your kitchen also has to be well organised so that you feel no less than a michelin star chef when you step inside your kitchen!

If you are planning to get your kitchen refurbished or execute some DIY skills of yours to give your favourite place a makeover, there are a great deal of ideas present online that will help you achieve your goal with perfection. If you do not want to invest a big share of your hard earned money in decorating your kitchen, you might go with the DIY ideas, and some essential hacks that will change the entire look. Stock yourself with ample accessories, adhesives and velcro so that you are do not run out of these essentials while revamping your kitchen. If you are into extensive decor of the place, you may order bulk tapes and hooks from MPD hook and loop and you are good to go for your makeover marathon!

Some of the ideas that you can use for your DIY kitchen renovation are listed below, have a look!

Paint your kitchen cabinets- One of the easiest and cheapest ways to give your kitchen a fresh look is to give your cabinets a new colour. You can go along with any colour scheme, maybe a dark, coffee colour in contrast with the white walls of the kitchen, or a subtle white or cream background and cabinets for uniformity and that easy breezy look. A lot of people have also chosen to have bright, citrus colours like orange , yellow and green to paint their cabinets for a funky look in the kitchen! Painting the cabinets sets the tone of the makeover theme and you can align the rest of the revamping according to it.

Rethinking the storage- having a good kitchen is all about having it managed perfectly. There are so many accessories in the kitchen which occupy a lot of spice so it is quite obvious to have a space crunch. But if you consider to give a thought to your storage option sin the kitchen, you might as well be able to give a new look to it. Instead of having the regular shelves in the kitchen, you can opt to have pull out drawers, open shelves for cutlery storage, or small,strategically placed closed shelves that let you use maximum space in the kitchen. Not only it will add a distinguished element in the kitchen, it will also make sure that your utensils are not lying around on the counter tops aimlessly, making your kitchen look like a mess.

Interesting cabinet handles or drawer pulls- just painting your kitchen cabinets or shelves is not sufficient, the real deal is getting exciting cabinet handles and drawer pulls for the newly painted cabinets and shelves. Depending upon your colour scheme or design scheme, you can choose from a large variety of handles available in the market. Choose hardware that can accentuate your cabinets’ look and style and match the design scheme, whichever it may be. You may try for wooden pulls or metallic bars or maybe funky handles to give your kitchen a new look.

Appliances as decorative items- no, we are not talking about the big cooktops or refrigerators, here we are keeping in mind the small appliances like a kettle, a toaster, a food processor. Choose funky colours that are in accordance to the colour scheme of the kitchen. These appliances will surely catch everyone’s eyes and make your kitchen look more beautiful and colourful!

Author Bio : Ben Helm is marketing manager for MPD Hook & Loop, providers of Velcro Brand products to businesses and consumers throughout the UK.