From Sudoku to crosswords, both young and old people have been trying to keep their mental acuity at its best by engaging in games that will help them sharpen their mental faculties. Any muscle of the body that isn’t exercised isn’t growing, and though you may think that you are using your brain on a daily basis, it may as well degenerate if you don’t take proactive measures to keep it sharp because it will be used to routine things that require only doing the known things. Here is a look at some of the top brain games you can turn to – irrespective of your age, to sharpen your brain. best sudoku site at here:


Sudoku is one of the most addictive number placement games in the world today, and the nature of playing it also makes it one of the top games for sharpening memory. While completing Sudoku puzzles, players must look ahead, and work with trails of sequences. The kind of planning that goes into determining what numbers gets where is very effective in improving memory. This is because the player has to critically think and make very fast decisions on which moves they should take to have the correct sequences. It is even more engaging than games such as scrabble, where you can always use scrabble word finder to know the range of words you can use to move forward.

Happy Neuron

Happy Neuron is not necessarily a game, but a resource for a vast collection of brain games one can use to sharpen their memories. It is a website with games and activities that target all the five critical areas of the human brain-: visual/spatial functions, executive functions, language, attention, and memory. The beauty of using this resource to enhance your brain power is that it personalizes the games and tracks your progress so that you can always see the kinds of improvement you are making as far as sharpening your brain is concerned. But be warned that this website is not for free, and this is understandable due to the incredible capabilities it has in helping you make your brain sharper.


This is another website with incredible resources for making the brain sharper. It is one of the most developed brain training and mental fitness websites today and with its resources, it will be impossible to not improve your mental faculties. Using the website is free, though, for additional functionalities, there are paid subscriptions you can use for better results. With this site, there are lots of ways to challenge your brain and as you take on the various exercises and activities, you will get scores along the way to tell you how good or bad you are doing as far as sharpening your brain is concerned. The games you find in this website fun mental fitness games, tests, and activities who effectiveness have all been backed by science.


No mention of brain games will ever be complete without the mention of this classic brain trainer – crosswords. Crosswords are known to access and sharpen your memory from many angles of knowledge. Most importantly, there is a myriad of ways that the game can be played, including both online and offline. One of the most common ways to do crosswords is to simply pick up a newspaper and head over to the games section or just buy a book of crossword puzzles. Just like scrabble which has scrabble word finder online, crosswords also have online resources you can use to improve your performance, though you should never rely on such for the long term. As you continue with the games, your brain should get better and you should be more comfortable to play them without relying on any external resources for help.

My Brian Trainer

My Brian Trainer refers to itself as an online gym for the brain – where you go to train all your brain muscles and give them more power and strength. It may be compared to Happy Neuron and Lumosity, only that it comes with a three-month’ subscription. The website is packed with brain games, puzzles, and other challenges designed to improve your mental faculties. According to the website, every person should at least train their brains twice a day for at least 20 minutes if they desire to get the most from their brains.


Braingle claims to be the home of the world’s largest collection of brain games and teasers – with a collection of over 10,000 brain games and teasers. Unlike others, it is refreshing to know that the site is completely free and you can use it without worrying about spending a dime to enhance your mental faculties. It even allows you the pleasure of creating your own puzzles to take your brain power to another level altogether.


Clevermind is not your ordinary brain teaser, given that it is designed specifically for those suffering from Alzheimer’s. It is more than just a collection of brain games since more is always needed to take care of patients with this condition and to make them get the most out of their mental faculties. But even if you are not suffering from the condition, you can still include it in your arsenal for brain games and use it from time to time to help you stay sharp, and probably lower your risks of suffering from the condition.

Brain Age 2 for Nintendo

Nintendo has a name in the video gaming industry, and it has now ventured in the brain game industry to help you stay sharp. Brain Age 2 is Nintendo’s product and it is basically a brain training and mental fitness system designed to help sharpen your concentration, calculation skills, and memory amongst other brain functions. The collection of games, quizzes, and puzzles in Nintendo Age 2 is incredible and they come with very advanced features to enable you to monitor your progress. As such, you will know the kind of strides you are making with your brain functions. It is fun, challenging and addicting at the same time.