House cleaning is a daunting task that must be done. Even if you have better things to do with your time, cleaning should be an important part of your routine. Because if you don’t want your home to turn into a disaster, you shouldn’t put off housework.

Good thing you can make cleaning tasks easier by following these tips.

1 – Appliances

You use your appliances every single day but often neglect to clean them. They should undergo thorough cleaning once in a while to remove spills, grime and any residue. But before you attempt to clean any of your appliances, make sure to unplug it first.

  • Microwave

The easiest way to clean this appliance is to microwave a safe container that has water. Wait until it boils then let it rest for a few minutes. After the steam loosens the filth, wipe with clean cloth. Add a slice of lemon in the water for extra effect and a fresh aroma.

  • Refrigerator

The space at the back of your fridge gathers gunk, dust and other dirt particles. To facilitate proper cleaning, take note of the following.

  • Pull out the refrigerator and vacuum any dirt you find under or beneath it. Make sure to also mop the floor to remove stains that have been there for a long time.
  • Replace loose gaskets and check your refrigerator manual for replacement parts. With a tighter seal, you can save energy and enjoy a cooler fridge.
  • Wipe the refrigerator gaskets with warm and soapy water. Rinse then dry.
  • Use soapy water or vinegar solutions to clean the internal and external parts of your fridge. Whenever there are spills, make sure to wipe them down before they become harder to clean.
  • Stovetop

If you love cooking, your stovetop may be an area with quite a bit of filth. Here’s how you can clean it up to make it look brand new.

  • Vacuum crumbs or dirt between the counter and stove top.
  • Fill your sink with hot and soapy water. Soak the knobs, burners and hood vents for a few hours then scrub. Repeat the process if there are still filth left.
  • Replace metal drip plates with stains if they’re beyond the aid of steel wool.
  • Toaster

Pull and wash the crumb catcher of your toaster. Shake the machine gently over the sink to remove any food residue.

Make sure that you dry your toaster thoroughly before plugging it back.

2 – Walls

Your walls need cleaning too. But since your house consists mostly of walls, this can be quite a strenuous task. Here’s a simple way to clean your walls to avoid putting it off any longer.

  • Prepare a good microfiber duster or mop and an all-purpose cleaning spray.
  • Pull furniture and items away from the wall you’ll be cleaning. Spray the entire wall with an all-purpose cleaner and then wipe it clean using a microfiber mop. Start from the top then work your way down.

3 – Air Vents and Ducts

When cleaning air vents and flexible ducting, it’s more efficient to do them at the same time.

  • Remove vent covers and soak them in hot water in your bathtub. Add a squirt of grease-cutting detergent. Leave them for a few hours while you move to cleaning the ducts.
  • Use an attachment on your vacuum to clean the dirt and dust from the air ducts.
  • Take out the vent covers from the tub and lay them out to dry. If any covers still have grime, wipe them off using a microfiber cloth.
  • As a final step, spray your air vents and ducts with a dusting spray to prevent dust and dirt build-up.

4 – Blinds

Most people hate cleaning the blinds because it’s such a time-consuming task. Depending on how dirty your blinds are, a good dusting spray is great for removing dust from the surface layer.

Also, make use of a good dusting tool (tall enough to clean the top and bottom) to cut your cleaning time in half.

What you’ll usually find on blinds is dust build-up. Dust and water can create quite a mess. It’s best to start dry when cleaning your blinds.

  • Open the blinds and run your dusting tool along them from the top to bottom. Make sure that you start from the top so that you can remove dust falls as you work your way to the bottom.
  • After dusting all the way down, use a vacuum cleaner attachment to clean dust falls.

5 – Carpets

A half-hearted vacuuming of your carpet isn’t impactful. It may make your carpet look spic and span temporarily but it won’t completely remove the dirt.

Here’s how you can make use of baking soda to ease the cleaning process your carpet.

  • Sprinkle baking soda generously over your carpet.
  • Leave the baking soda powder overnight or at least 30 minutes. This allows the powder to work by consuming carpet odors and softening stains.
  • Once done, use a vacuum to remove the baking soda.

Cleaning is an important chore that you shouldn’t take lightly. The health and safety of your family rely on how you keep your house clean and tidy. If you don’t have the time to do deep cleaning yourself, you can always let a cleaning service to do the work for you.

Remember, any daunting cleaning task can become easy with the right cleaning tools and enough patience.

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Blinds are so much more than simply window-coverings. Blinds have a much more functional role to play: to protect the carpet and furniture from sun damage, to provide privacy, and the most important of all—to provide insulation.

Yes, certain types of blinds provide insulation, acting as a form of temperature-regulators. They can help keep you warm in winter and cool in summer. Research suggests that one-third of your home’s energy is lost as a direct result of uncovered or badly-covered windows.

Having a proper shielding blind installed can help prevent this energy loss. Insulating blinds are a worthy investment that will yield good returns by way of lower energy costs and better comfort.

If the blinds in your home facilitate insulation, there’s no doubt that you will save a lot of money over the years. Just by preventing the energy loss, you will noticeably increase your home’s comfort level.

Types of Insulating Blinds

Not all blinds have insulating properties. Here are a few types of blinds that are known to be quite effective when it comes to temperature control.

Honeycomb Blinds

When it comes to insulation, honeycomb blinds are one of the most popular choices. They have a distinctive design that aids in insulation. The honeycomb-pattern has pockets of air that help regulate temperature.

They help to lock in the heat during the cold winter months, and are effective at blocking out the sunlight, thereby keeping the house cool during the sweltering summer months.

The fact that they are very aesthetically pleasing is an added bonus. If you are looking for blinds that are cost-effective, functional (insulating, light and noise cancelling), durable, and budget-friendly—then honeycomb blinds should always be on the top of your list.

Roman Blinds

Roman blinds are a very popular option for contemporary homes that prefer a classy look with a modern twist. They are elegant and eye-catching while still managing to be understated. If you are not a fan of overly fussy designs with too many details (e.g. curtains with pleats or lace trimmings), then the roman blinds are a great option for you.

They come in a sturdy material and are basically just made up of one piece of material. This means that you won’t have any annoying gaps to deal with. And that translates into better insulation, complete blocking of sunlight (no more glares on television), and a very clean look when the blinds are drawn.

If you want to give your bedroom or living room an inexpensive makeover, try installing cellular blinds. They will instantly turn your bedroom from a standard bedroom to a luxury suite.

Customized Curtains

Curtains can provide good insulation when they are customised for that exact purpose. With extra lining and the right measurements, curtains can be effective at shutting out the cold and shunning the punishing summer heat.

Curtains are a little high maintenance though; they require regular cleaning to keep them looking their best. So, if you’re not up for such regular care, then honeycomb or roman blinds are the best maintenance-free options available.

Final Thoughts

When thinking about home décor, most people tend to spend a lot of their time and money on furniture, art décor and other pieces while window coverings take a backseat. But what you need to remember is that your window coverings are going to last for a very long time.

Picking the right type could make or break your home’s look. When choosing window coverings, you need to keep two factors in mind: the style and the functionality. Do the blinds go with the rest of your house? Your blinds should be in keeping with the style of your home.

So, if you are going for a classic look for your house, then your blinds need to reflect that theme. The second part is the functionality. You need to be practical about your choice. Do the blinds provide insulation? Are they capable of cutting out light completely and providing you with total privacy?

Beautiful blinds that are not functional are a waste of money. So, don’t settle for less. Look for style, quality, affordability and functionality when it comes to blinds.

When you opt for insulating blinds you will have a positive impact, not just on your bank balance, but also on the environment. You will reap the benefits for years to come. Reduced energy bills are a welcome change in every home owner’s monthly expenses.

Being eco-friendly is not just about the big ticket times, like driving a fuel-efficient car and installing solar panels on your roof, it can be something as simple—and sensible—as installing insulating blinds to cut down your energy usage.