No business can afford to ignore the potential of videos on social media – especially not seeing as more and more people continue to watch more and more videos on an almost daily basis. That being said if you intend to start publishing videos on social media, it is important that you ensure they have what it takes to reach and engage viewers.

If you want to come up with effective business videos for social media, one of the best places to start is by understanding the three key traits that they tend to have:

  • Emotional connection

Have you noticed that videos that are humorous, inspiring, surprising, or downright shocking tend to get shared and commented on a lot? The ability of these videos to draw out reactions is no coincidence, and it stems from the emotional connection viewers feel when watching them.

If you want your business videos to make an impact, you should try to do the same. Create videos that are likely to provoke an emotional reaction or connect with viewers emotionally, and you’ll find the results are nothing short of impressive.

  • Bite-sized and ‘snackable’

People on social media don’t sit through long and drawn out videos that often, and prefer ‘snacking’ on videos that are bite-sized. That is something your business should take to heart, and come up with videos that are short, succinct, and direct.

Try to keep all your business videos on social media as short as possible. In fact aiming for videos that are between 15 to 60 seconds long is probably best.

  • Visually oriented

A big part of the appeal of videos as opposed to other forms of content is their unique visual nature. Ideally your business videos make it a point to take advantage of this, and try to make videos that put across their points and message as visually as possible.

It helps to rely more on visuals and less on audio in your business videos too. Increasing numbers of people are watching social media videos sans audio, which makes it important that your message can be delivered without relying on audio too much.

While the three traits highlighted above will enable your business videos to attract and engage more viewers, there are other factors that are important too. In particular it is important that you create the right type of videos, with topics your viewers are interested in.

One way to come up with business videos for social media is to use Movavi Screen Recorder for Mac to record your screen. By doing so you could create how-to guides for digital products, record interviews via video calls, record streaming video on Mac and much more.

Rest assured it is easy to set up Movavi Screen Recorder for Mac and configure its recording parameters including the framerate, audio source, capture area, and so on. Its features will even let you record keyboard and mouse actions – which can be very useful when creating how-to guides or product demonstrations.

All in all it should take just a few minutes you should be able to set it up and start recording your very first business video. With the range of options in Movavi Screen Recorder for Mac you’ll be able to ensure that you record exactly the footage that you need to create your video.

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Both civil and criminal cases are eligible for appeals, however, only a defendant can appeal in a criminal trial, while in a civil case, either the defendant or the plaintiff can call for an appeal. When an appeal is made, the appellant (one who called for an appeal) is eligible to question a higher court about the validity of the original trial by rechecking if the judgement was fair and in accordance with the laws and court rules. Thus, going for an appeal requires in-depth knowledge of local laws and court proceedings, which is why it is important to find the right appellate lawyers.

Why you need an appeals lawyer

Apart from the in-depth knowledge in law and associated proceedings, a credible appeals lawyer will be able to assist you in all aspects of the ongoing case with a fair degree of professionalism. An experienced lawyer will be go over your case thoroughly and will advise you on the possibilities of winning the case if you opt to go for an appeal. This will give you a fair idea of where you stand and your chances of successfully wining an appeal.

For criminal cases

Appeals are quite common in any criminal case, particularly in health care frauds, labor laws, malpractices, environmental issues, etc. A capable advocate will be able to sift through the intricacies of the case in question and will appeal successfully to your advantage.

By Ganeshk

The experience of an appellate lawyer is directly proportional to the success rates in a federal appellate litigation. Representing an appeal in a criminal case is vastly different from that of state charges. It definitely pays to have an expert in criminal law by your side while going in for an appeal. Having a team of litigators will assure a satisfactory consulting services in any higher court. By taking care of the nuances of the case, appellate lawyers in Atlanta will be able to deliver opportune results effectively.

Hiring an appellate lawyer

One of the most important aspects of hiring an appellate lawyer involves copious amounts of research. You could approach your existing attorney for recommendations, owing to the sensitive nature of the issue. Alternatively, you could make use of the internet to search for credible lawyers near you; it is important to filter the search to find lawyers who specialize in the kind of case you are fighting.

Once you have a substantial number of contacts in place, you can then start consulting each of them and speak to them in person to gauge their proficiency, pricing and other factors. Even if the appellate lawyers shortlisted by you have spectacular recommendations, you might still want to interview them and opt for consultation before hiring them.

How to talk to an appellate lawyer

Making informed decisions about your lawyer is important for improving your chances of winning the appeal. Go for the best lawyer in your area to ensure success; get in touch with one today.