Alexa voice assistant devices are the best ones for home automation. With the Alexa smart devices, it becomes easier to make the home smarter. With the home automation on voice commands, it becomes easier for everyone to control the supported devices. Be it the refrigerators, TVs, Fans, and lights; you can control everything with Alexa Voice assistant. Alexa voice assistant supports almost every product that supports WiFi connectivity.

The users have to connect the devices wirelessly with Alexa and start using them with voice commands. There are a ton of different Alexa compatible devices available in the market. In this post, we are going to learn about the different compatible products with Alexa voice assistant.

Alexa Compatible Devices

There are a ton of compatible devices with Alexa voice assistant. But, you only have to choose the useful ones. Choosing useful devices will help you automate the house with ease. Here are a few popular Alexa compatible devices that you should get installed in the home.

#1 – TP-Link HS110 Smart Plug

The smart plugs are widely used in the houses. The TP-Link HS110 smart plus is WiFi enabled plug, which supports Alexa voice assistant commands. It works very well with the voice assistants. This smart plug receives the commands and acts according to the same. You can turn ON or OFF the devices connected to this plug via a power cable. All you have to do is to connect this plug with the WiFi and plug it into the wall socket.

#2 – Philips Hue Smart Light

The Phillips Hue smart lights are one of the best products in the market. These lights are WiFi, Bluetooth, and Zigbee enabled. So, you can connect it with compatible devices with ease. You can easily set up the Phillips Hue light with Alexa smart speakers. You can remotely control the lights with a smartphone app or the Alexa voice commands. These smart lights are powerful and available in multicolour options. It’s a must-have product in your smart home.

#3 – Arteor Connected Switches

The Arteor Connected switches from Legrand are one of the best-automated switches. The Arteor Switches support the Alexa voice assistant for commands. It can help you control the fans, window blinds, TV, Air Conditioner, and many other connected devices with ease. Along with the Alexa, you can remotely control the switches with the smartphone app.

#4 – Arlo Ultra Smart Camera

For the sake of home security, you should install a smart camera. Arlo Ultra smart camera supports Alexa voice commands. So, you can easily start recording the footage, turn ON or OFF the camera, enable the sensor or change video quality with ease. The Arlo Ultra smart camera can record in 4K resolution, helping you to keep an eye on activities in your home when you are away. It’s a worthy investment which would ensure home safety.

With the increasing popularity of smart speaker devices, everyone is riding the wagon. With the smart speakers in the house, you need some smart supporting devices. Alexa voice assistants support the majority of smart devices. So, you’ll find a lot of products on the market. But with all of the devices that we’ve mentioned in this post, you can make a smart home. All of the devices in this post are useful and Alexa compatible. So, order these devices and start the home automation process.

Reading news and playing music aren’t the only things Alexa can help us with. In fact, there are several skills this amazing AI Voice Assistant possesses that are still beyond the comprehension of most of us. Some of these skills are like time tracking and translation.

The capabilities of the Amazon voice assistant, Alexa are actually even more than the basic functionalities that one may possibly think of in relation to a voice assistant. As a matter of fact, a bag full of skills that are already in use with Alexa is still waiting to be explored by many of us. In fact, there’s a stunning increase in the number of the Alexa skills development Companies over the years considering the excellent craze for this Voice assistant among the consumers. Eventually, there’s an outstanding proliferation of Alexa skills and the more you understand these skills, the better you use Alexa.

  1. Placing an Order

Placing orders using Alexa is probably the next best thing you can try if you are looking forward to using Alexa for business. You can order a wide variety of items through various ecommerce websites using Alexa. If you are wondering as to what’s the setup going to be like in order to order items using Alexa, it’s pretty simple. What you exactly need to do is link your account to your Amazon Echo via Alexa. Also, you need to set up your associated payment method which isn’t difficult at all.

Some people might just be a bit sceptical about the concept of using Alexa for purchasing. This is mainly because of the security concern of their accounts since, technically, Alexa is supposed to take commands from anyone. However, it’s as safe as one can possibly think of and in fact, Alexa can be configured to a large extent in terms of purchase or payment settings. You can set a password to confirm purchases and each time you want to purchase any item using Alexa, you will need to provide Alexa with that password. It can’t get any safer than this, right?

Tracking the status of your order is ridiculously easy as well and all you need to do is ask Alexa, “where’s my stuff?”

  1. Managing Tasks

What’s the very first tool that crosses your mind when it comes to Task Management or organizing your tasks? For most of us, it’s a calendar wherein you can set events or reminders. However, the real magic begins as you link your calendar with Alexa. You can now know your calendar events anytime using Alexa. Also, you can add events and reminders conveniently by giving voice commands to Alexa.

Using Alexa skills like the calendaring Quick Events skill to add reminders or adding multi-day events to your calendar, you can undoubtedly get things pretty well organized unlike ever before.

Task management is unimaginably easy and enjoyable with Alexa. Whenever you need to add a task to your to-do list on the go, simply speak out the task to Alexa and Alexa will add it right away to your to-do list which you can manage conveniently using the Alexa app.

  1. Texting & Phone calls

Texting is certainly the most common way to stay connected with our friends and colleagues. However, do you ever feel texting is consuming a lot of your time? If you do so, you aren’t really mistaken. In fact, a lot of people feel the same way as you do.

However, using Alexa’s SMS with Molly skill wherein you can speak out your message to Alexa and it will text it to your contacts, you can save a considerable amount of time. For this, you will need to create an SMS with Molly skill account and add your contacts to it.

By default, there’s no way Alexa can make a phone call for you. However, if you still want Alexa to assist you in making phone calls, you can sign up with By doing so, you can have phone calls made to your friends and colleagues by Alexa.

  1. Dictionary Cum Spell Checker

We can’t afford to go wrong with spelling while we write an important email else things can just get pretty embarrassing sometimes, right? However, with Alexa, you are never going to get locked away with any difficult spelling. Each time, you aren’t sure of the spelling of a particular word, don’t waste your valuable time in wondering about and guessing.

Instead, you could ask Alexa to spell the word for you which would not only save your time but also, would save you from embarrassment. You can always rest assured of the right spelling with Alexa as it has a built-in dictionary. On top of that, you can add more dictionary based skills such as the Word Lookup skill.

  1. Smart Calculations

Finding the calculator app in times of need can be pretty troublesome and tiresome sometimes especially if we don’t find it within the reach. With Alexa, you can get as much as you would possibly get from a standard calculator. In fact, it keeps you find answers to your mathematical queries such as addition, multiplication, conversion and more.

  1. Translation

There are many situations wherein we might need to translate contents into another language for a better understanding. Getting words or phrases translated is ridiculously convenient with Alexa.

You can either ask Alexa verbally to translate the words and phrases or simply type your commands.  Also, you can ask Alexa to repeat or recite the words and phrases at a slower speed.

  1. Time-Tracking

Productivity involves a serious outlook towards utilizing time in the best possible way as time is limited. However, you can never succeed in increasing your productivity unless you know what all things you are actually spending your time on as well as how much time you usually spend on them.

Using the Work Time Tracker skill, Alexa can help you know the amount of time you spend on various tasks and projects which will certainly help you get more productive.

  1. Cab Booking And Hotel Booking

Using Alexa is certainly going to have a massive impact upon the lives of its users and it will definitely help its users save a great deal of time and effort. Alexa can be directly seen as an unimaginably exceptional productivity tool.

Imagine the amount of time you spend in booking a cab or a hotel room. It usually takes a lot of time in searching for the most appropriate websites to book a cab or a hotel room. Most importantly, typing and filling up the forms is not just tiresome but also, a lot time-consuming. Unlike ever before, you can now conveniently book an Ola cab by simply uttering the command,“Alexa, ask Ola to book a ride.”

With an amazing collaboration of Kayak and Alexa in the recent past, you can book a hotel room anywhere by simply uttering a few words. Supposing you want to have a hotel room booked at Boston, all you need to do is say, “Alexa, ask Kayak to book me a hotel room in Boston.”

  1. Ordering a Pizza

Ordering a Pizza using Alexa’s artificial intelligence is perhaps, the most easiest thing one can ever do. By enabling the Domino’s skill, you can order a Pizza from Domino’s. Of course, you will have to link your account to your Pizza profile. To start with, you may start by saying, “ Alexa, open Domino’s.” You can then place your order. Also, you can conveniently track your order.

These were a few important Alexa skills that can bring about a massive level of productivity in your lives no matter what field of life you belong to. However, Alexa has certainly got more than this and from the users’ point of view; it’s about finding the right mix of the various Alexa skills to make their lives more convenient.