Boosting sales, increasing returns on investment (ROI) and handling the welfare of workers has got to be some of the major objectives every business owner faces. However, these objectives all go hand in hand, as one can’t work without the other. While caring for your workers, there are different issues that may arise and need to be tackled. One of them is addiction. It is important to tackle addiction problems at the work place so it doesn’t interfere with productivity. But what are the best ways to handle this problem?

1. Observe and Research

Does a particular worker behave in an awkward or suspicious way? Do they take frequent leaves of absence? Are they always late to work? Do they do hide to do certain rituals (smoking or drinking) before work hours or breaks to help them get on with work? Is any of your workers inconsistent when he talks or even looks a kind of way? These observations will help you in knowing what to look out for.

Also carry out a research to familiarize yourself with signs and symptoms of addiction. There are many journals online to go through and centres that provide information to loved ones of addicts.

  1. Talk with the worker or employees affected

This can also help those who aren’t affected to know more about addiction and how to prevent it. If they are still requiring further assistance, help them in locating a sober living near me.

“Do not tell them off. Remind them of the company’s policy on the issue, express your observation and concerns, and proffer recommendations or where they can get help. If possible, introduce helpful programs, workshops or seminars for all workers,” he suggests.

This can also help those who aren’t affected to know more about addiction and how to prevent it.

3. Discourage the use of substances or anything that enhances Addiction

Do not tolerate substance abuse at the workplace. Always remind them of the consequences and do not make excuses for employees who seem not to want to do away with the habit.

Finally, get a health insurance company that has a plan which covers addiction so staff can be on it. If addiction isn’t tackled immediately, it becomes a scourge that will affect not just the effectiveness of the addict, but also the efficiency of their colleagues and the business itself.

In business, having everything running as smoothly and effectively as possible is the key to success. You need to optimise your processes, ensure that you are being as efficient as possible and carrying out every task in as timely a manner as possible. Many business owners spend too many hours trying to figure out how to make each and every element of their business as seamless as possible. Avoid wasting time in this way and instead focus on making one major change that will, in turn, have a positive impact on your business in general.

One major change that you can make to your business in order to optimise, is to consider a virtual office such as those offered at this link: There are many different benefits that this one change will bring that will increase productivity, improve efficiency and ultimately increase your bottom line and your business’s reputation as a whole.

Continue reading to find out more about how you can optimize your business through a virtual office solution.

Prestigious Office Address

There’s no denying that where you conduct your business from, can have a lasting impact on your relationship with your clients. Rather than operating from your spare bedroom or from a series of cafes around town, you can have a business address in a prestigious location in Jakarta to truly impress your clients and help you close more deals.

A virtual office solution allows you to have access to a dedicated local phone number and address in an iconic business district without the cost of a more traditional setup. And, you’ll have a dedicated, bilingual receptionist on hand to take your calls, forward messages and also your mail, immediately giving you credibility in the local business community.

Cut Down on Costs

When optimising your business, one of the first things many business owners look at is cutting costs, and rightly so. With a virtual office solution, you don’t have to shell out for expensive office fittings, internet packages, office equipment or staff as these are all included in your monthly rate.

By reducing your costs, and still maintaining an address in a sought-after location, you can invest these savings in the areas of your business that really matter. Suddenly, you can have a bigger marketing budget, more money for outreach, greater scope for career-development training and a larger profit margin at the end of each month.

Highly Skilled Support Staff

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Finding the right staff to work alongside you and keep your business running efficiently, takes time, patience and money. Virtual offices come with employees who are already trained and in tune with the local business environment. You will have a receptionist to answer the phones and welcome clients, you will have a mail courier to deliver packages and mail and even tech support staff, in case there are any issues with your new virtual setup.

Dependable Communication and Internet Facilities

In today’s ever-connected world, it’s more important than ever to know that you can rely on the telecommunications and internet facilities at your disposal. In order to optimize your business, you need to be able to make and receive calls and send and received faxes and emails without any unforeseen issues.

Having all of these facilities set up and in working order, along with additional services like video-conferencing, allow you to get on with running and growing your business. You can contact clients through your virtual office, knowing that you’ll never miss a call or an email due to a reliable and dependable telecommunications infrastructure.

Optimise and Grow Your Business

Virtual offices allow you to operate from a prime location with minimal costs. You will have access to trained staff who understand the local business climate, that are highly-trained and have experience working with companies of all shapes and sizes.

Optimising couldn’t be easier with a serviced office, as it allows you to take advantage of excellent facilities in a prime location where you can ensure that your business has the best chance of success.