Want to get the most out of YouTube but don’t know how? Want to get Youtube views instantly?

In this article, I’ll provide some proven common video ideas that you can use to your advantage.

“Do it yourself”

It may seem like these videos are a thing of the past, but they work well today because they teach people how to do things on their own.

The theme for these videos can be a craft or digital product, something in which you have expertise. That is, in order to make such a video, you yourself must understand the topic. If you teach users to do something that you yourself cannot do, you will lose trust and interest in your brand.

Motivational videos

All people need encouraging words. Motivational videos often become truly “viral”, they are actively shared, they are liked.

To make your motivational video, think about how you can motivate your audience. Prepare an emotional and sincere speech and write it down. This approach will make the content more human and strengthen the connection with the audience.

Unpacking the product

Product unboxing is another idea for YouTube videos.

Here you can use either your product or the one that you received as a gift. Turn on the camera and open the package in front of an audience, showcasing your impressions of the product.

This video is built not only on curiosity, but also allows you to show the real quality and appearance of the product to the audience. With videos like these, you resolve consumer objections and bring them closer to a buying decision.

Video challenge

Unique, fun, and quirky videos easily go viral. Everyone remembers the ice water bucket video challenge? This is an example of a video that has attracted a lot of people, including celebrities.

To get as many people as possible to pick up your challenge, try tagging friends, followers, and even influencers. But be careful when challenging celebrities, they may charge fees for participating in challenges, unless your idea is very creative.

Video about impressions

By recording your impressions on video, you will definitely attract a new audience. These can be impressions from movies, books, travels, videos of other people, etc. Typically, these videos are easy, fun, and useful. With their help, people can learn about any movie, city, sightseeing or product they are interested in.

Review or walk-through of a game

These videos are becoming more and more popular with young people who love games. You can record a review of the game or the process of passing it.

These videos can attract a specific segment of the audience. People might want your feedback on the game you recently received, information on releases, or how to get to the next level.

Since this is a niche type of video, only use the idea if you are really into the subject and play well. Remember that the audience of gamers is very critical, as they are usually well informed about the specifics of the industry.

Video covering an event

Is there an interesting event for the audience in your city? Visit him with a camera and a couple of creative ideas.

To showcase the event in the most interesting way, try to contact the organizers and find out who you could interview. This will make your video look more professional and attract additional audiences.

Travel videos

Most of us have seen various travel videos. To create this kind of content, take your camera on your trip and share your experience of visiting a particular country or place. To do this, it is not necessary to go far from home, usually there are also interesting locations nearby.

In your video, you can tell the story of a place, interesting facts about people. People interested in these places will find your content and it will be useful to them.

Training video

These videos are designed to educate the audience. They cover a specific topic in which you have an expert opinion.

To choose a topic for your instructional video, think about the needs of your audience, your niche, and how much you know about the subject. Training videos should be objective and easy to follow. Your audience needs to understand how to complete the task shown in the video.

Videos based on tags

This is one of the newest and most trending YouTube video ideas. These videos are built around tags, making it easier for users to find.

It works like this. Let’s say I’m posting a video tagged “10 facts about me.” Other users can use this tag by telling facts about themselves. This is similar to using hashtags on Instagram challenges.

Video memories

People love to immerse themselves in pleasant memories. It is a fact. If you’re posting flashback videos, make sure they’re up to date. At the same time, if the content is too targeted at sales, it will alienate the audience.

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The participation of guests in your videos allows you to create popular videos, etc.

and attracting attention. You can create a collaborative video with another expert in your niche, a guest from a related field, or just a famous person.

Interviews allow you to give your audience even more value and valuable information. They are also beneficial to creators as they aim to exchange audiences.

Conversation with a visual explanation

Have you ever seen videos in which some expert accompanies his reasoning with drawings and diagrams on the board? These can be video tutorials, tips, instructions using pictures, graphs, diagrams. It’s like a presentation, just not digital.

This video tutorial is usually more easily perceived by the audience. If the content is relevant and useful to the public, it will receive a lot of likes and comments.

Use what is useful to your audience as topics for these videos. Research people’s needs and pain points, research keywords. Be sincere and creative and try buying Youtube likes to promote your videos.


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