The prom is not just a crazy night, it is an end to the four-year journey. The celebration is the thing that brings many headaches to girls. What kind of dress should I wear? How much time ahead should I make an appointment for hair? Who will be my date? These and many more can make you feel nervous and anxious. But, what when you have already brought your dress home? You have tried on so many different models, went from shop to shop, or waited for some time to get your online purchase delivered. Don’t think that your duty ends here, as you have many more tasks to complete. Read on and find out which are the must-do things when you have your prom dress!

Do A Check

After you have got your dress, make sure that you do a complete check. All the excitement in the shop can prevent you from spotting a small tear. Or, you can find out that it is not the perfect fit. Try it on and make sure that the prom dress is in the perfect condition.

Store It

Storing your dress until the big day should be done with caution. You don’t want your precious dress to get wrinkled, or even damaged. Make sure that you find a good place to store it. Hang the dress loosely to prevent any wrinkles. Use softly padded hangers for that purpose. It should not touch with other clothes, as they can damage the dress. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight, as this can damage the color. Your red prom dress can suffer if near a window. Also, make sure that the dress is away from kids and pets.

Choose Suitable Undergarments

Wearing a special dress requires special lingerie. By this, we do not mean fancy ones. You must pick seamless undergarments, so the dress will look perfect. Choose a strapless or a stick on bra if the dress design requires it. Remember that the lingerie should not be visible at all. This can easily ruin your overall looks.

Pick The Accessories

When you already have the dress, it is time to find corresponding accessories. First, you have to determine the type of accessories that will look flattering. V-neck dresses require pendant necklaces that follow the cleavage, while elegant buns go well with nice earrings. Be careful not to put too much jewelry.

Get The Right Shoes

When you know what is the thing that you are looking for, it is time to go shoe shopping. Different styles of dresses require different shoes, so make sure that you pick the right ones. Consider the rule that says that only one should be embellished, the shoes or the dress. Heeled sandals are always the right choice when paired with elegant dresses.

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