If you fell down stairs, you will want to read this to learn about what to do next and what to look out for after your fall

Did you know that accidental slip and falls account for more than one million emergency room visits every year? If you fell down stairs recently or know someone that did, you will want to keep reading to learn about what to do next.

  1. Medical Treatment

Right after any accident you want to make sure that everything is ok. If you fall down the stairs the same applies, go seek medical attention. Sometimes you might feel ok because you have adrenaline rushing through your body, which can mask the pain.

You might have a fracture or even a concussion and have no idea because you do not feel any change. If you leave anything untreated that is serious, simply because you chose to not go to the doctor might end up in terrible medical consequences.

  1. File a Report

Wherever it is that you fall you will want to file a report. Whether it is on public property, a place of business, or your friend’s home. Basically whoever is responsible for the stairs that you fell on.

Make sure that you write this report to have proof that you did file a report. You can also report the accident via email and make the person in charge aware of the hazard that caused the fall. This can prevent other people from having future injuries.

Keep all of this handy in case your lawyer can use it to get your case started. You also want to document everything and take a ton of pictures to have as evidence to cover all of your bases.

  1. Call an Attorney

After you have been checked by a doctor and filed a report on your incident, it is time to have someone that understands laws about slipping and falling. If the staircase was hazardous or the property has been neglected causing you to fall you want someone that can help you get compensated if you are going to be out of work due to the fall.

If you have medical bills and therapy sessions you also want to make sure that the person responsible for the property is covering those bills. Your slip and fall lawyer will truly come to the rescue during difficult times like these.

They will be able to guide you through any complicated legal questions and documents. They will also know the appropriate things to say to ensure that you do not get the lower end of the stick and instead get the maximum compensation that you deserve.

Now You Know What to Do If You Fell Down Stairs

No matter how careful we are, we never know when we will have an accident. If you fell down stairs now you are better equipped for what to do next. Make sure that you stay calm to not aggravate your situation any further.

Do not forget to also contact an attorney to have someone in your corner.

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