WhatsApp, being the most used chat platform, has several corners. Despite its popularity, it has been underutilized. Many WhatsApp users have been unaware of the top useful features in the app.

Apart from the frequent use cases like calling or chatting feature, half of the users do not have a base regarding the frequent updates.

WhatsApp with frequent updates!!

WhatsApp, a Facebook-owned application, will get frequent updates. In every update, a salient feature will be added into the list. For example, the popular quotes for whatsapp status feature paves WhatsApp, a great sharing platform.

A number of third-party sites have indulged in providing best WhatsApp status and quotes for the WhatsApp users.

It is the responsibility of the user to unlock all the benefits of the app ought to be used by him/her. Though the users ought to use the platform the whole day, few features remain unrevealed. It is time to explore all the hidden features.

Top hidden features of WhatsApp unveiled!!

Hidden features don’t mean that the user has to risk them. Instead, it is as easy as that to use those features. Explore what are the hidden features and make it at your hand tips.

Highlight your point boldly

As said, be bold in your point. While texting in WhatsApp, the user can bold the words or the phrase they wish to. Just by mentioning the symbol asterisk before and after the word or phrase is enough. For instance, let us take the sentence WhatsApp is popular. If the user wants the word popular in bold, it is enough to insert *popular*. The message will be sent with popular in the bold case.

As simple as that!!

Emphasize the message with Italics

Not only Boldness is fine, but emphasizing message or words with Italics is well. By placing an underscore on either side of the words, italicise it accordingly. For instance, by placing _WhatsApp_ changes the word to Italics.

Good to go with Italics on your next message.

Strikethrough – Back to school notes

Grabbing attention becomes prominent attention among social media handlers. Strikethrough feature will handshake to those users.

While texting, type a text ~WhatsApp ~ and see what happens. The respective word will get stroked off and sent to the respective person.

Be a strikethrough pro!!

Identify your virtual partner

In the virtual world, WhatsApp has majorly occupied the time-space of the people. It is possible to know to whom you are spending much time with.

Just go to Settings -> Data Usage -> Storage Usage.

Your virtual partner will be revealed!! 

Get your favourite typewriter fond

To enable typewriting fond, enclose all your messages with three characters of `. Once done, the message will be sent in the typewriter fond.

Go to your favourite fond!!

Customized notification

There are many WhatsApp users who often have conversations with their closed circle. In particular, there will be only one person they ought to chat with. WhatsApp makes it easier for them to customize their chats.

Now, the user can create a shortcut to their chatbox. Just a long press on the desired chat helps the user to create the shortcut within seconds.

Customize t have fun!!

Export chats to mail

Users always have some special or personal chats in their WhatsApp. In order to save the chat history, the user can export the WhatsApp chat to their mails.

Mailing WhatsApp chat for Android users is much easier. Tap the Menu button followed by the More option. Click More and select Email chat.

For iPhone users, go to contact page info of the desired user. After that, selecting Export chat will do its work.

Do it right!!

Long duration audio messages

Many WhatsApp users love to share their own voice notes rather than messages. According to them, voice has more clarity than messages. While recording the voice, the user no longer has to press the recording button.

Instead, hold the microphone button and swipe up to the lock button on the right side. It helps the user to be hands-free while recording voice notes

The main purpose of those updates is to make the user experience more comfortable. The uplisted features of WhatsApp make users more convenient to get connected with the people in their contact list.

Few third-party apps extend the benefits of WhatsApp to the users. Advanced features including dark mode can be expected in WhatsApp ‘s further updates.

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