When it comes to finding and choosing workers comp doctors, there are certain things you should do. Check out our helpful guide here.

Getting injured at work creates a ripple effect of problems. Severe injuries can last for several weeks on end, putting you and your company behind schedule. Worse yet, you may not get the care you need, which only worsens your injuries.

Inadequate medical care can prolong your recovery time, but it can also send you back to work when you’re not ready. Either way, you’re not fully healed. The goal is to have a speedy and healthy recovery.

Job injuries are tricky. They’re not like “every day” injuries at home. Your employer may require you to see one of their workers comp doctors first.

Some states, like New York, will let you choose your own workers compensation physician regardless. California, for example, will let you choose your doctor under certain conditions. Other states even allow the insurance companies to pick your doctor!

If you’re able to choose your own workers’ compensation doctor, follow these steps to find the right doctor for your injury.

Where Are All the Workers Comp Doctors?

You’re not going to find worker injury doctors at a traditional hospital or medical office. However, if your State permits it, you may use your own personal physician as your workers’ compensation doctor.

While you trust your doctor, they may not have the experience to adequately document your injury. Work injury doctors are well-versed in worker’s compensation cases. They understand how meticulous documentation is essential for winning tough compensation claims.

Instead of visiting a regular hospital, try one of the NY WCB Authorized Medical Providers in your area. These clinics are staffed with experienced doctors who understand the nature of work injuries and recovery times. These physicians can communicate realistic recovery timetables to your employer.

Find a Doctor Who Specializes in Your Injury

You don’t have to choose a general workers’ compensation doctor. Injury clinics have many specialists standing by, like orthopedists, pain management experts, and neurologists. You can even see a workers’ comp psychologist for traumatic experiences.

A specialist can prescribe the right treatment, medication, and recovery time for your injury. You’ll need a specialist if you feel your employer is pushing you to return to work too early. Working with partially-healed injuries can lead to chronic pain issues in the long-term.

Don’t Wait Too Long to Find a Doctor

Research is vital for finding the right workers’ compensation doctor. However, work injuries are extremely time-sensitive. You don’t have much time to browse.

Many employers will require you to document your injury with an on-site supervisor immediately. Some may require you to leave work and go directly to a doctor. Remember to follow all protocols.

If you wait too long to seek treatment, that may affect your claim. You must be completely honest with your doctor about the timing of your injury, so there are no holes in your claim.

Find the Care You Need

Your career is an important piece of your life. Find the right doctor who can put you on the road to recovery. Follow these tips to discover experienced workers compensation doctors for your needs. 

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