It goes without saying, that the coronavirus has affected many of our lives. From holiday bookings, places of work, local shops right through to your pet relocation. Unfortunately, as the virus is still very much around, there will be some changes to how your pet travels internationally.

If you have plans to transport your pet to another country, you’ll have to check the restrictions that are in place. Many countries are currently not accepting pet flights or are offering a reduced number of services. These are:

  • Australia – The only main airline that offers direct flights from the United States to Australia has stopped their pet-friendly flights for the rest of 2021, this may change when the daily cases come down so it’s best to check with the airline provider directly.
  • Canada – Canada has continued to keep its border closed for pet travel. Transporting your pet over the border from the USA is possible, but as the pet owner, you must hold a Canadian passport or be classed as an essential worker to make the trip.
  • United Arab Emirates – In order for you to be able to take your pet to the UAE, you must be able to present documentation from a veterinarian suggesting your pet is clear of Covid-19 and has not been in contact with any human who has the virus.

These restrictions are changing quickly. And as the number of daily cases decreases, more countries are permitting pet travel. It is more important than ever to research whether or not your country and residing airline companies are accepting pet bookings for travel.

Pet Quarantine & Covid-19 in Animals

Many countries at the moment have an isolation period for pets travelling to the country. They must quarantine like humans for 14 days to prove they present no threat to the public.

Animals can contract SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes Covid-19). It is rare, and they may show small, mild clinical signs and recover within a few days. There is evidence that the following species can also catch the virus that causes Covid-19:

  • big cats
  • domestic cats
  • dogs
  • ferrets
  • fruit bats
  • mink
  • primates
  • pangolins
  • pigs
  • raccoon dogs
  • rodents
  • white-tailed deer

Mink and other mammals, such as ferrets, can also catch new strains of the virus and spread these between their own species. Expert scientists have mentioned that a similar vaccine rollout may be necessary for the future to curb the spread of the virus.

According to some studies, it’s believed that the link between animals contracting Covid-19 could cause a significant health risk for humans in the long term. The Russian government has recently begun trials on an animal vaccine.

Consider Pet Relocation Services During Covid-19

According to a wide range of articles online, as many as 80% of pet owners are considering traveling with their pets once restrictions are lifted. Currently, both pet travel and Covid-19 can make things complicated. So here’s how to make things safer and easier for you both when you’re ready to travel.

Pet Relocation Services

At a time when information can change rapidly, it may be best to consider the use of a pet relocation service to transport your pet internationally. They can stay constantly informed of both country and airline updates by partnering with a network of service partners all over the world. They are able to provide up-to-date information on what is or is not possible for your pet at this unprecedented time.

If the travel arrangements are not currently available for your chosen country, they will be able to discuss a workaround. This may involve a slight wait time before you can travel.

Pet Passports

In order to give your pet its best chance to travel internationally, it’s important that your pet passport is up to to date. The passport will show a list of things including documents relating to health, such as any complications that are present in your animal. It will also show import permits, any fluorescent antibody virus neutralisation fluent tests that have been completed, and microchip certificates. All of these will be taken into consideration when an airline company considers your pet’s travel arrangements.

It is crucial to make sure your pet is up to date with all its vaccinations and microchipped, more so now than ever!

Over 80% of pets that aren’t microchipped and get separated from their owners are never found! You will need to ensure that the manufacturer of the microchip has all of your up-to-date information logged on their website. If it’s not accurate, and you get separated, it’s unlikely the other person will be able to get in touch with you.

It may even be worth taking a recent photograph of you and your pet before you decide to travel and keep this with you at all times in case this is necessary.

A pet relocation service can help you get all of your pet’s travel and health documents prepared so you can be confident in your travel plan.

Keep Things as Stress-Free as Possible

Covid-19 can make pet travel even more stressful than it needs to be with all the added restrictions. Before you travel, make sure you have planned your routes and where you’re going to be staying in advance. Consider any restrictions or pet advice that your hotel might have by calling them beforehand.

If your pet is travelling by cargo, make sure that you’ve got a strong, reliable travelling kennel for them to go inside. If you’re unsure of how to create one of these, consider using a professional pet relocation service to make sure your journey is as smooth as possible.


Yes, the pandemic has certainly impacted many aspects of our lives. However, it is still possible to travel with your pet and enjoy your time internationally together. As long as you plan well in advance and keep up to date with any restriction changes by researching, you will be able to continue with your plans. It may just require a few alterations from you as the owner!

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