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With the introduction of WiFi, our lives has changed to a great extent. This technology of WiFi has made life easier for most of us. There is a common misunderstanding about the abbreviation of WiFi. Most of us misinterpret WiFi as Wireless Fidelity but in reality it doesn’t mean Wireless Fidelity at all. It actually means IEEE 802.11x.

Before moving to our main topic i.e. train WiFi technology, let’s just  understand the working of WiFi briefly

Generally in WiFi technology there is no wired connection between the receiver and the sender. It mainly works by utilizing the radio frequency (RF) technology. An electromagnetic field is generated when radio frequency current is supplied to the antenna. This field in turn links with the transmitter and receiver

Access Point or in short you can say AP that are main part of any WiFi system. Broadcasting of wireless signals are achieved by this access points. Any devices such as laptops, desktop, mobile phones or anything else that you want to connect with these access point must have a wireless network adapter.

Train WiFi Technology

Now-a-days you might be availing WiFi while travelling by trains. You enjoy surfing high speed net throughout your travel by using this modernize train WiFi technology. Have you ever thought from where your device is getting connection? Or you are just enjoying your free WiFi without  even thinking about this train WiFi technology.

If you are a person with creativity and want to expand your knowledge in this field we are your mentor here and let’s just see how this milestone of train WiFi technology is achieved.

How Train WiFi Technology Works

While you are at home your device is at stagnant and single access point is used to connect your device with the WiFi equipment. But in case of train WiFi technology the scenario is slightly different. Here multiple Access Points (APs) are installed for obtaining a wide range of coverage throughout the coaches and also the entire train.

These Access Points are in turn connected with the satellite and also your phone networks and thus the WiFi functions. Sometimes you may face the problem of slower internet surfing as the train is moving fast, passing through tunnels and also some rural areas where availability of network is poor.

To mitigate this problem there is an involvement of another new technology that is installation of Track Side Base Station (TBS) on the side of the railway tracks at a distance of approximately 1 kilometre and Transportation Mobile Units (TMU) are installed on trains. Throughout the entire path the Track side base stations and Transportation mobile units are connected which offers a better coverage throughout your  travel

Why there was a need for this new modernize Train WiFi Technology

  1. Increase coverage
  2. No degradation of quality of network
  3. Problems regarding bandwidths are resolved
  4. More equipment like CCTV, Mobile phones etc can be connected without reduction of internet speed and much more.

Hope you have acquired some overview about the working of train WiFi technology and the benefits associated with the usage of new modernize train WiFi technology.

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