SEO and content marketing realm have changed the game for many businesses. Since Google loves regularly updated pages, blog posting is one of the most popular content marketing efforts.

While you’re already facing a challenging competition in your niche, it becomes your top priority not to lose your readers and potential customers by providing them with outdated content. In the arena of content marketing, you can keep existing customers and convert new readers by regularly updating the blog of your company.

So here are the 3 main reasons why you should have a company blog and regularly update it:

It engages and generates more leads

The more leads your blog generates, the more likely you are able to make a sale. One of the best parts of blog content is that you’ll be able to receive new leads even if you’re not working on it. Old but gold blog posts can provide a lot of conversion and new visitors if they offer informative content and receive organic traffic. Blogging helps your customers to find your products or services, and learn more about your business.

Posting on your blog regularly lets you build trust and engage with your customers. Potential buyers who read your company blog are more likely to be open-minded to your brand. Blogging also enables you to find out how your existing customers feel about your products or services. Let the people leave comments below your posts in order to encourage discussion and receive feedback.

Google loves fresh content and regularly updated blogs

The fact that Google prefers regularly updated content is well-known. And you will know this very well if the passion of Google with your blog decreases, it can be a challenging task for you to gain it back.

You might be updating your blog with additional content. The longer you write, the higher you rank as informative and resourceful long articles are ranked well.

Because as the famous phrase says, “Content is the king” and Google loves it when you praise the king.

It’s a free (almost free) advertising method

If you don’t have enough budget, you can just do your blogging by yourself. After all, as a business owner, you are an expert in your area of business, and I bet you can talk/write about it for days. Also writing about topics you’re already familiar about should come to you naturally. Blogging doesn’t have to cost you a fortune, unlike expensive ads such as Google Adwords.

Yet, while you are filling out your blog with relevant and informative posts and thinking about how much cost you cut by not paying someone else to do it for you, you actually lose money indirectly. The time you spend on new ideas for tomorrow’s blog, on writing and editing the content is too much for someone who has other responsibilities such as… running the business!

Just sit down and do the math, decide how much your time worths. If you realize that you are stealing the time from more productive and crucial tasks, then you might want to outsource your blog content needs from a content writing platform.

There are many content writing platforms out there, and many of them offer you a wide-scale of expert writers you can choose. But what you need is more than that.

As I’ve mentioned before, you’re an expert at what you do as a business owner, so you can talk or write for days about it. And when it comes to outsourcing your content needs, you’ll need people like you. For instance, if you’re a real estate agent, then your content writer should have a real estate background.

I would recommend using freelance content writing services solely focused on creating high-quality content. But again, you need to find the content writer from your industry, someone who can talk about your business, not just because he/she is a content writer with strong writing skills, but also because you share the same field of expertise.

WritingWizards has a feature that you can filter talented content writers by their expertise and industry information. You can also browse profiles, see their reviews and portfolios. So with that way you can find the perfect match for your content needs.

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