If your business currently doesn’t have an outdoor water feature, then you’re missing out. As a business owner, you’re always looking for ways to improve your business and customer satisfaction. Although there are many ways to do so on the internal side of your business, adding outdoor water features is a great way to improve the physical appearance of your business.

Whether you’re considering small outdoor water features or large outdoor water features, you’re sure to improve the looks of your business when placing one on your property. Not sure if a water feature is the right look for your business?

In the guide below, you’ll learn several reasons why your business can benefit from one. Continue reading to find out more!

They Attract Birds and Other Wildlife

When you add a water feature on your business’ property, you instantly attract a variety of wildlife. You can consider adding fish to the feature, if permittable. Otherwise, let nature do its own thing.

The water alone will draw attention from birds, squirrels, and even dogs walking by with their owners! How does this help your business? It connects you directly to nature and many people will stop to watch the birds bathe or play in the water or watch the fish swim about.

This will then give your business more exposure. As people stop to bird or fish watch, they’ll be stopped directly in front of your business. With a few marketing strategies, you can have these people curious about what your products or services are.

Ones With Seating Attract Customers

Other than attracting wildlife that’ll attract people, you can attract customers directly by adding a water feature with seating. Seating options are a great way to convince customers to have a seat, relax, and spend more time at your place of business. The more time they spend there, the more chances you have at getting more business from them.

Water features with seats attached work well for all different types of businesses from restaurants, yoga studios, clothing stores, and more!

They Add Humidity

Outdoor water features can be beneficial for health as well.

If your business happens to be located in a dry environment, the water feature can add some humidity to the air. This makes breathing easier for any customers who are spending time around the fountain.

The beauty and serenity of the fountain can be beneficial to everyone’s mood as well. There’s research to prove that being near water can help improve one’s mental health. As people gather around the feature, they’ll feel more relaxed and at peace.

They’re Soothing and Comforting

Garden fountains are both soothing and comforting. The sounds of the flowing water help drown out other noises in the area. Busy traffic, people chatting, and other outside noises are all diminished when you get close enough to the water feature.

The sounds the feature gives off and also help drown out the noises that go on inside people’s heads. Any anxiety, worries, and fears can be soothed when sitting near the water feature and its comforting qualities. This is a great feature to have, especially for businesses promoting good mental and physical health.

They’re Easy to Maintain

Another great benefit of adding a water feature to your business is that they’re easy to maintain. There is some maintenance required, as with anything, but it’s quite simple to do. Create a schedule to stick to in order to ensure you complete regular cleanings without error.

On a regular basis, you’ll need to clean it out to prevent algae from growing. Regular cleaning will also help prevent blockages and keep the water feature running properly. Any water features with rocks, stones, or pebbles should have all rocks removed and cleaned as well.

If need be, contact the water features manufacturer and request step-by-step directions on how to properly clean it.

They Help Cool Down the Environment

When located in a hot environment, water features help cool the environment down. When it would otherwise be unenjoyable to sit outside at your business, customers will be able to enjoy the weather by being cooled down by the water.

This benefit can come in handy for restaurants without outdoor seating or outdoor yoga studios.

After a rain shower, you and your customers will even get to experience a beautiful rainbow by the water feature.

They’re Attractive and Help With Feng Shui

One of the last benefits to cover is how attractive these water features can be. They also help promote the Feng Shui of your business. To reach health and happiness in Feng Shui, water is essential.

As an aspect of Feng Shui, water promotes balance and good energy. If there’s a flow of water in the feature, be sure to have the water flowing towards your business if possible. In Feng Shui, the flowing of water towards a house or building brings abundance and prosperity, two awesome qualities for a business to have.

How Can You Incorporate an Outdoor Water Feature?

After reading through this guide, are you still unsure about adding an outdoor water feature to your business? Be sure to keep all of these wonderful benefits of owning a water feature in mind before making a final decision. After installing your new feature, prepare to reap all these amazing benefits!

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