Madagascar is the world’s largest fourth island, and it’s also the world’s eighth continent. The country is like a magical land which is just waiting to be discovered and explored. The land is rich in flora and fauna which is rarely found anywhere else in the world. If you visit Madagascar, there will be plenty of things to see and do. However, before visiting this beautiful country and exploring it, you will need to have a visa madagascar for you to be permitted to enter the country.

Below are the reasons you should travel to Madagascar in your next holiday.

  1. The wildlife

It’s difficult to think about Madagascar without lemur popping in your mind. Lemurs are the country’s popular residents, and you won’t be lucky to see them anywhere else in the world if not in Madagascar. The country has over 300 different species of birds,260 different species of reptile and a wide range of mammals, and insects which are distributed in the country. The wide range of wildlife is enough to keep a nature lover well occupied throughout the visit.

  1. The culture and the people

The country has a population of 22 million inhabitants who are a mix of Arabs, Africans, and Indian people. Once you visit the country, you will get to interact with the local people from different ethnic group and get to learn their way of life. The people of Madagascar follow their set of culture and beliefs, and they also hold on to some cultural beliefs from the past. Traditional religions and ceremonies are celebrated all over the country connecting the living and the ancestors.

  1. Getting involved in community organisations

Most people will return home with fond memories of the country and its people. There are many organizations which are in the country, and they would do with some little financial help or donations. You can donate medical supplies, clothes and even food to such organizations. You can also spare your time during the vacation and volunteer in one or two organizations.

  1. Beautify beaches

Madagascar has some of the world’s glorious beaches. Some of the best beaches are the blue lagoons which are mostly found in the west coast of the country although some people don’t like them because they have shallow water which makes it difficult for them to swim during low tides. You will also find some beautiful beaches on the east coast, but they have strong currents and sharks which are dangerous. The best beaches which are shark free can be found in remote areas such as Anjajavy and the Nosy be islands.

  1. Different water activities

Since Madagascar is an island, it does not have a shortage of ocean. There are various water activities which you can take part in from surfing to diving, snorkelling and kite surfing. The ocean has water creatures such as dolphins, water turtles, whales, and colored reef fish.

If you want to go on a vacation, Madagascar should be your net destination. There is everything for everyone in Madagascar from wildlife, charity organizations, different water activities and its beautiful and friendly people.


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