Well, why shouldn’t you? By now, everyone knows that vaping is 95% safer than smoking. Public Health England, the agency tasked by the United Kingdom to protect and improve the nation’s health, has publicly endorsed nicotine vape juice as not only a viable alternative to tobacco, but as the actual solution to be able to finally stop smoking. In fact, a number of hospitals in the UK have already allowed vape shops to operate on premises in order to help people switch from smoking to vaping nicotine vape juice. 

Dr. David Carruthers, the Medical Director of Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospitals N.H.S. Trust, which oversees hospitals, has placed an outright ban on smoking on their premises, but allows vaping on hospital grounds as well as former smoking areas. 

There has been a significant drop in overall smoking rates in the UK since the adoption of nicotine vape juice as a solution to smoking cessation. The latest study shows that smoking among young people has dropped to around 6%, which is a massive drop when compared to 20% in 2001.

Does Nicotine Vape Juice really help?

The answer to that question is a clear and resounding YES. When people “crave” cigarettes, they don’t crave it for the taste, believe me, nobody likes the taste of cigarettes once they’ve kicked the habit. What people crave is the nicotine, or “nic fix” as they call it. Having the right levels in your nicotine vape juice is the key to successfully managing your cravings. And let’s be honest with ourselves, it’s not a cigarette addiction, it’s a nicotine addiction. 

By selecting a nicotine vape juice that has the equivalent levels of nicotine to when you previously smoked, you will be effectively be kicking that cigarette habit out. As an added bonus, eliquids come in a variety of delicious flavors. 

If it’s only nicotine, why doesn’t the gum or the patch work? 

To be totally honest, it’s not only the nicotine. Coming from smoking, your body is accustomed to the activity of smoking, the “throat hit” that comes with every puff, blowing out the smoke (in the case of vapers, vapor). The reason why e-cigarettes with nicotine vape juice is so successful in getting heavy smokers to stop smoking is that it mimics all of the aspects of smoking from the throat hit, the nic fix, down to the exhalation of smoke or vapor. 

How safe is nicotine vape juice to use? 

Nothing is 100% safe. You can get run over while walking the street to work every day but that doesn’t stop you from walking, right? What we know is the use of nicotine vape juice does not produce tar and carbon monoxide, two of the highest contributors to smoking related diseases. Yes, while nicotine is addictive, in the levels found in e-cigarettes and in nicotine vape juice, it’s relatively harmless. 

Another reason why you should switch to nicotine vape juice is that second hand vapor (if there’s really such as thing) is quite harmless. There is no evidence that the vapors from vaping causes harm to the people around you. In contrast to second hand smoke, which kills over 40,000 people (non-smokers!) every year due to heart or lung disease. 

Feel Healthier, Be Healthier

A lot of ex-smokers who have switched to vaping nicotine vape juice will testify that not only do they feel healthier, but their medical exams back up their claims. Many people report an improvement in their cardiovascular health (not panting after walking a certain distance or climbing the stairs) and overall wellness, not to mention increased appetites because their taste buds have recovered from years of smoking damage. 

But what about EVALI?

You may have heard about EVALI, this mysterious vaping illness that’s reportedly killing teens in the USA. Well, it’s actually a non-issue now. It was proven that EVALI was caused by black market THC cartridges that contained vitamin E acetate, which nicotine vape juice does not contain. In fact, this should just strengthen the need to impress upon people to purchase their devices and nicotine vape juice from reputable stores and resellers. 

I just want to stop smoking; do I need nicotine vape juice? 

If you’re really serious about stopping smoking, then nicotine vape juice is the perfect answer for you. Having the right nicotine levels will help you transition from smoking to vaping in just a couple of days. If you want to taper down to lower nicotine levels and eventually kick the nicotine addiction then you can ask your trusted vape shop or reseller to create a plan for you. They can also provide you with nicotine vape juice of different levels, and even a zero-nicotine option when the finish line is in sight. 

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