As more people get into the renovation industry, the creativity of the entire industry develops considerably as a result. More imaginative minds working to create what has never existed has created some interesting things with unique materials, and one of the best examples of this would have to be swimming pools made out of shipping containers. These two have never shared a past, so marrying these very dissimilar concepts of industrial transport and exercise and relaxation is quite genius. If you’re unsure about how such an interesting concept works, you’re in luck – in this article, we take a look at a few reasons why shipping container pools are a great idea.

Shipping container pool basics

Whether you’re experienced with shipping container hire or new to the entire thing, there aren’t too many steps to getting familiar with the DIY shipping container pool concept. The first reason why shipping container pools are a great idea is that they promote a move towards a much more sustainable use of materials – that is, the application of cost-effective, sustainable, and upcycled materials to create amazing things, rather than simply buying new products all of the time. Plus, there is a far great opportunity to save a whole heap of money by creating a DIY pool with a shipping container than going through all the hassle of creating one from scratch! But let’s get back to basics for a moment – as the name implies, shipping container pools are constructed from new or recycled shipping containers, which, as you might already be imagining, are the large rectangular containers used to transport cargo around the world. The trend kick off due to the compact and space-saving nature of shipping containers, which is why they are embraced by people with little space. Their modularity is also a boon in these scenarios, as these pools can be constructed offsite and installed wherever it is needed.

What you need to do to install a DIY shipping container pool

If you don’t want to go down the pre-made shipping container route due to cost or the need for extra flexibility, then creating your own shipping container pool is definitely an option. The first thing you’ll need to do is talk to your local council about any relevant permits you need to acquire or specifications you need to follow. If you have an idea about the dimensions of your shipping container pool, you can submit them now. For installation, you should be aware that on top of the shipping container, you’ll need a suitable base, which can be either a concrete slab, crushed rock base, or a perimeter footing system. It is then highly advised that you find a professional structural engineer, as it will be their job to guarantee that your pool is able to confidently handle regular wear and tear, temperature changes, natural elements, and water pressure. When it comes to the shipping container itself, you should be taking the time and effort to find a shipping container and pool liner from a reputable company – bargain containers from mysterious companies are a bad idea here. If the container doesn’t fall within your desire dimensions, you can then cut and weld to suit.

Start you shipping contain pool project today

Shipping containers have definitely seen a lot of interest later, particularly evident in things like shipping container homes, offices, restaurants, and as you’ve just read all about, shipping container swimming pools!

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