Before the pandemic, maybe your business could get by without a website. That assumes your business relies on foot traffic and boasts strong local support. Even then, though, it was accepted wisdom that even small businesses needed a website.

The pandemic converted the accepted idea that you should run a website into a fundamental requirement. Of course, not everyone enters business with years of experience writing HTML, CSS, and Javascript. What do business owners lacking that experience do to get their businesses online?

Enter the website builder. Never worked with a website builder before? Keep reading to discover why you need a website builder and need it now.

It’s Part of Your Hosting Package

Finding a web hosting company is the first step after you buy your domain name. Hosting companies, such as, bundle in a lot of other perks and services when you shell out for a monthly or annual subscription. One of the most common offerings is a free website builder.

It’s one less thing you must search for on your way to publishing your website online.

A Website Builder Is Faster

Hiring a developer or a website development company is one of the other common ways people get a website. Doing that generally means a long wait. It can upwards of two or three months from when you hire them to when they deliver a final version of your website.

With a website builder, you can potentially build your website in a few days or less, depending on how complicated a site you want. Plus, unlike web developers, there generally isn’t a best website builder. Most website builders offer a similar package of options.

Simplifies the Design Process

One of the major benefits of a website builder is that it makes the design process much easier. Your typical website builder comes with a set of templates divided into categories. You can often find a template meant not just for a business, but for your specific industry.

Once you get the template in place, you insert things like your logo and choose brand-appropriate colors.

Makes Updates Easier

Changing the look and feel of a custom website almost always means starting over from scratch. That means several more months between starting the project and launching the new site. With a website builder, you can often accomplish the same thing with nothing more than a few mouse clicks and a new template.

Is a Website Builder Right for You?

For most small businesses, a website builder is a great choice for getting your first website up and running. It keeps costs down since it’s included with the hosting. It keeps the build time down because you work from templates.

You also enjoy easier updates because you don’t rebuild from scratch. If you work in the medical or financial fields, though, you may need a custom site to help you stay in compliance with privacy regulations.

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