Photography has been one of the most progressive additions to the advancement of human artistic expression since the days of the Renaissance. It has continuously been evolving from how it used to be. 

 However, seldom do we dwell on just how amazing the development of the photographic medium has progressed in modern times.  

About 3.5 trillion photos in counting have been taken since Daguerre captured the Boulevard du Temple more than a century ago.  

One of the most popular advancements at the forefront of modern photography is studio cycloramas. 

 In general, studio cycloramas make your background disappear, which leaves a plethora of possibilities for customization.  

Usually, broadcast media, film, television, and virtual reality photo studios used cyc backgrounds for numerous purposes for the following reasons.

It is Aesthetically Pleasing

A studio cyclorama features varied backgrounds that instantly develops a lovely image. 

 Surround your cyc background with stark brightness to automatically make the subject the focal point of the shoot. Plus, it can also become the light source, thanks to its reflective characteristics. 

 Besides, a studio cyclorama also isolates the subject when the background used for photography is white. Essentially, this creates a situation where the theme is easily extractable for editing or compositing processes.

 Moreover, a cyclorama also features a breathtaking infinity, which is very useful for catalog, e-commerce, or any other photography which involves fashion. 

 Its exquisite infinity feature brings attention to the product or model because of the absence of wall-floor or background corners. 

It Provides Further Customization

Image editing is essential to manipulate photos according to your needs. A cyclorama also manipulates the lighting and the overall outcome of your project. 

 Users of cyclorama can further customize and transform the architecture of the room to get the best shots out of the space. Technically, photographers can control the background to appear light or dark and create gradient lighting. 

 On the other hand, a cyc enables videographers to cut the background to present their films in the best ways possible.

 Keep in mind that image editing is necessary to develop the artistic sense of the videographer or photographer.

 Likewise, you can also choose to paint your cyclorama to ensure that it aligns with the purpose of shooting. 

 More often than not, cyc walls are painted with semi-gloss or matte paints to prevent reflections and asseverate a transparent background.  

It is Easy to Install

Perhaps the most significant benefit of using a cyclorama is its ease of installation. In most cases, installing a cyclorama only requires limited human resources and materials like drywall, plaster, or sheetrock.

What’s more, most cycloramas are also free-standing and have a modular background. A cyclorama can likewise be configured to fit any studio space easily.

Ensure that you have the best experience with a cyclorama by prohibiting models to eat or drink near the cyc wall. Bear in mind that a cyc wall can attract dirt that is hard to wash away. 

Also, ensure that you clean your shoe soles before stepping on the cyc wall to avoid re-touching the footprints later on.

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