Carrie, (not her real name) is a fifteen- year old American teenager who had issues with drugs and alcohol. She met a man through an online video game, who at first seemed to be friendly and had her best intentions in mind. Little did she know that “friendship” was the start of a horrendous experience of being involved in the sex trade.

Carrie is among the 40 million people across the globe that are forced into the dark and dangerous world of human trafficking. This modern form of slavery is an enduring problem not only in the United States but all over the world. Human Trafficking Awareness is vital in getting to the root of the problem and finally eradicate it.

Contrary to common belief, human trafficking does not always occur in far-flung corners of the world or third-world countries. The most common victims are everyday Americans as young as ten years old. They are duped, coerced, and sold as forced laborers or sex workers.  

This widespread problem may be occurring from anywhere in urban settings or idyllic rural areas. The victim may be a girl from the local high school, a neighbor, or someone from church. Human Trafficking Awareness enables people from the community to identify a call for help or any suspicious action. By playing a pivotal part in reporting to the authorities, these children and teenagers will not be trapped in the insidious and deadly world of human trafficking.

Cooperation Through Social Media

While it is a common occurrence that human trafficking transactions are done online, the police and other organizations have also utilized social media and the internet in general to combat trafficking. A series of studies show that perpetrators leave an online trail that can be traced using several social media platforms.  Through crowdsourcing, the police can gather valuable information from the social network of either the victim or the trafficker.

When people are aware of social media’s value in solving human trafficking, they will be more observant about the actions, posts, and activities of the people in their circle. This will increase their Human Trafficking Awareness. For example, it could be a cause for concern, when a girl who has been very active in her social media accounts suddenly stops updating or answering to personal messages. Her situation, together with other personal circumstances, could be used to launch a further investigation.

Awareness Through Traditional Media

Human trafficking is a devious, underground venture that thrives in its anonymity. By spreading the word about the evils of this evil act through traditional media, there will be more support for anti-human trafficking movements. These organizations need all the help they can get in terms of human and financial resources. 

Through the years, media practitioners have adequately covered and told stories about the victims of human trafficking. There were stories of survival and triumph, which brought hope to many others. However, there are more cases to be investigated and should eventually be relayed to the rest of the world.

When people are more aware that slavery still exists in this modern world, they can contribute to finding solutions and answers. It can be done by donating and volunteering to causes that move towards the eradication of this global problem. 

Public awareness is essential in putting a stop to the cycle of human trafficking. Many women like Carrie need everyone’s help so they can finally live peaceful and healthy lives.

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