Villawood is a small suburb of both Canterbury-Bankstown and the City of Fairfield. Villawood is home to approximately 6,000 people, according to census stats of the Australian Bureau of Statistics. This place usually becomes a stop for travellers before visiting neighbouring suburbs such as Carramar, Bass Hill, and Old Guildford.

Despite being a small place that can be explored within a day, there are still a couple of things you can do in this place. If you happen to be in Villawood and searching for an activity that you can engage in, read on as this article will discuss why going for a laser skirmish in Villawood is a must-try.

A Unique and Nostalgic Experience

Villawood is home to a couple of venues for entertainment and recreational activities. These venues include bowling alleys, indoor climbing gyms, and go-kart racing tracks, to name a few. These activities are all fun-filled; however, most of them are regular activities that you may have already tried before.

Playing a laser skirmish in Villawood offers you a nostalgic experience because It allows you to be like a kid again playing shooting games with your friends. Laser tag is a shooting game that resembles airsoft and paintball but with different equipment.

Laser tag is a much cleaner activity compared to airsoft and paintball since lasers are involved and not paint guns or plastic pellets. It is also the right choice for individuals who don’t like playing messy games as there will be no residue.

Safe Activity 

When doing an activity indoors or outdoors, the last thing you want is to experience an injury or an accident. Woods Action Centre that is located in Villawood is a venue wherein you can engage in activities such as indoor climbing and go-kart racing. Unfortunately, these activities increase your chances of getting involved in accidents and injuries.

According to an article by Research Gate, head and facial injuries occurred in about 11% of patients who were involved in go-kart racing incidents. Collision with other vehicles was the most common mechanism of accidents, which is about 40% of the time.

Playing laser skirmish is extremely safe since there is no heavy equipment involved, unlike go-kart racing. This makes laser tag a hassle-free activity since you don’t need to wear bulky protective vests, masks, or even helmets to protect yourself from any injury.

Easier to Play

Villawood is home to Thurina Park, which is a multi-purpose field that can be used to play soccer, baseball, and cricket. Although there are no grave problems involved with these sports and activities, not everyone has the physical ability to play these games. Fortunately, playing laser tag provides a solution.

In laser tag, running around is not that tiring compared to soccer since you’re comfortable indoors with air-conditioning; playing laser tag will get you engrossed in the activity in no time.

If you’re looking for something to do in Villawood and prefer an activity that is harmless and fun-filled at the same time, then you can never go wrong in choosing laser skirmish. Be sure to check it out soonbecause it is undoubtedly an activity you don’t want to miss!

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