Poulter said that Salesforce was one of the first CRM providers that “ rode or created the sort of cloud wave”. This caused its existence on the cloud to attract a lot of small businesses and as a result, it added on customer service that provided integration. 

Salesforce continues to be on the top of the list of CRM tools available in the market like SAP, Microsoft, and Oracle. According to Poulter, “Salesforce cloud began to round out but their differentiation in particular features or functionality is hard to prove.” Its popularity can be understood from the fact that professionals around the world are interested in becoming Salesforce certified through comprehensive Salesforce training

The CRM software market reached $27.5 billion in 2015, up from $23.8 billion in 2014, which represents an annual growth of 12.3% that reached to $36.5 billion in 2017. Salesforce has been ranked as a leader in the CRM market for four consecutive years. Salesforce CRM tool had much higher revenues than the technology giants and hence was listed as a top company serving in this domain, as reported by Gartner in the year 2016.

A study made by IDC says that the demand is all set to create 3.3 million jobs in the Salesforce ecosystem by 2022. In 2018 it was expected to increase to 1.9 million new jobs by 2020. What a huge leap!

What is Salesforce?

Today, all the companies are turning customer-centric. From customer acquisition, the goal of companies has shifted to customer retention and loyalty. Every company, be it a software development firm or a manufacturing unit, everyone wants to maintain relationships with its customers. After all, customers are the main factor behind the success or failure of any company. This is where Salesforce CRM comes into play.

A customer relationship management solution that aims to bring companies and customers together is exactly what Salesforce is all about. It integrates all your departments and provides a single, shared view of all customers for marketing, sales, commerce, and other services. 

It allows you to make marketing personalized so as to attract as many customers as possible. It lets you know the priorities of your customers, their needs and concerns and win them by acting accordingly. You can meet their expectations and deliver them amazing shopping experiences. Salesforce lets you respond faster to customer issues on any channel. By building customized applications, you can automate time-consuming tasks using Salesforce.

Simply put, Salesforce offers a really amazing set of sales, marketing, service, collaboration, security and analytics capabilities and the flexibility to create the solutions on the Salesforce1 platform.

Now let us see how is Salesforce good for your career.

Why is Salesforce Good for Your Career?

  • Around 200,000 customer companies use the Salesforce1 platform.
      • The number is huge. Salesforce enables companies to manage critical business functions. The companies leverage Salesforce in order to decide how to utilize a huge number of capabilities.
  • Salesforce offers numerous system integrators that help companies leverage the Salesforce1 platform in innovative ways.
      • When a company starts to use Salesforce or expands the use of Salesforce, there is a team of Salesforce experts who work with them. These work as system integrators and focus on finding innovative ways to utilize Salesforce.
  • Around 2000 companies are built on top of the Salesforce1 platform.
    •  You can find these companies on AppExchange and Salesforce experts are often there to help them as they continue to develop their specific capabilities. The Salesforce1 platform serves native to some of the AppExchange solutions.
  • CIOs that utilize Salesforce are found to be more innovative, leading the cloud, and eventually, they wish to maximize their investment in Salesforce. To implement business solutions, the need to hire experts like Salesforce admins, developers, and architects.

The most valued skill, according to a recent article by Business Insider, is Salesforce Architect in the article titled, “The Best Skills To Have on a Tech Resume”. Also, this is the position that has the highest average salary across the most valuable job roles.  

Now lets us have a look at some of the top job roles in Salesforce.

Top Job Roles in Salesforce

Following is the list of top job roles offered by the companies regarding Salesforce:

  • Salesforce Architect: a Salesforce Architect is the one who is responsible for the tech design of the Salesforce systems and infrastructure for the business. In the U.S. a Salesforce Architect earns an average salary of  $150,000.
  • Salesforce Developer: clearly, they form a part of the development team. During set-up, they are responsible for building applications. An average salary of a Salesforce Developer is $125,000.
  • Salesforce Administrator: the overall management of a Salesforce platform is done by Salesforce admin. They are responsible for enhancing productivity and improving processes to make the workflow error-free so that it becomes easy to help users generate reports, reset passwords, managing databases and customize the software according to the requirements of the business. An average salary of a Salesforce Admin is $95,000.
  • Salesforce Data Analyst:  a Data Analyst maintains the quality of the database. The various processes involved in data management, their updates, research, track and extract reports from available data and cleaning the database are all carried out by data analysts. They work parallelly with Salesforce business analysts. The average salary of a salesforce data analyst ranges from $80,000 to $115,000.
  • Salesforce Consultant: they are involved with the implementation of the salesforce platform. By meeting the clients and discussing their needs they customize and help with the implementation of the software. They are also involved with training salesforce users. 

What Should Be Your Career Move?

You need some time and patience to build your career in Salesforce, as most companies require the certifications and experienced professionals for any of the job roles mentioned above. Getting trained and certified in the field of your interest may be of great help. The certifications offered by Salesforce are:

  • Salesforce Administration Certifications
  • Salesforce Architect Certifications
  • Salesforce Developer Certifications
  • Salesforce App Builder Certifications
  • Specialist Certifications
  • Consultant Certifications

To gain these certifications in order to upgrade your career, taking a Salesforce training course and getting certified is a great move. There are a few trusted training providers who provide a step-by-step guide to learn Salesforce and gain hands-on experience of using the platform. 

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