An employee is injured every seven seconds. According to the National Safety Council, approximately 4.5 million people suffer workplace injuries annually.  

Some of the most common causes of workplace injury include slips, falls, trips, and overexertion as a result of coming into contact with objects. Moreover, these injuries cause U.S. businesses more than $125 billion every year.

This is why it is essential for managers to adhere to effective health and job safety programs that help minimize workplace injuries and illnesses to save their employees and their business in the long run.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), is among the authorized organizations that ensure job safety and health. The primary goal is to assure that every working personnel is in safe and healthy working conditions to preserve human resources of the nation.

While it is clear that OSHA provides overwhelming benefits to employees, following its standards can also help businesses achieve higher productivity and profitability. Here’s why you should consult a safety training Houston expert to comply with OSHA requirements.

Ensures Compliance

Compliance is an issue that impacts all industries. Regardless of your company’s size, failing to follow the OSHA regulations results in fines, penalties, or even permanent closure of your business.

Organizations that are not compliant with OSHA requirements may struggle on bidding for government and jobs contracts.

On the other hand, businesses who abide by all the established rules of OSHA will enjoy employee stability and achieve customer loyalty.

Help Save Money

This may seem doubtful. However, consulting with a professional safety training expert in Houston can help your business avoid financial losses in the long run.

Workplace accidents and injuries result in major medical fees. Studies have shown that businesses spend $39,000 per medically consulted injury and a whopping $1,150,000 per death caused by a workplace injury.

In addition, failing to follow OSHA protocols can also lead to personal injury lawsuits filed by your employees.

On average, a personal injury trial case may cause a company at least $400 per hour in lawyer fees not to mention employee damages and other charges. Employee injury lawsuits are harder to defend, especially if a recent inspection was conducted by OSHA.

Following OSHA standards will ensure that your equipment and training are up-to-date. This ensures efficient hazard identification and assessment control.

Increase in Revenue

In a competitive business environment where everyone is trying to one-up their rivals, having healthy employees can spell the difference in the success or failure of your organization.

Meeting OSHA requirements enables you to maintain a safe working environment for your workers. Doing so rewards employees with high morale and greater productivity, which in turn could lead to a significant increase in profits. This also shows that your employees matter and that their safety is a priority in your business.

Statistics have revealed that businesses which implement functional health and safety programs and abide with the compliance requirements of their industry reduced the rate of illnesses and injury by around 20 to 40 percent.

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