Avast is a top security program and has one of the most downloads for Android devices. This security program is also available for Windows and iDevices. Using Avast antivirus on your Windows device will manage all the threats. Whenever any malware tries to enter, your Avast antivirus will immediately remove it. This program also provides internet security tools. In an account to keep your Windows 11 device secure, Avast is one of the best tools. But some users reported that Avast antivirus is showing installation errors on Windows 11.

Reasons behind Avast antivirus installation error

  1. Incompatible Avast antivirus setup
  2. Low free hard-disk space
  3. You have another security program
  4. Junk is interrupting the Avast installation process
  5. A third-party application is conflicting with Avast
  6. Your OS is outdated
  7. Corrupted Avast antivirus setup

Resolving Avast antivirus installation error

Restart the Windows device

If your antivirus or any application is showing an installation error then you should restart the device. You can get issues while installing an application if the Windows PC faces any runtime error. To repair the error, you can directly restart the computer. All the programs will start from the beginning and your runtime error will get fixed. Now go to the downloads folder and click on Avast setup. Tap the run button and your antivirus will start installing on the computer. After completing the installation process, restart the device and you will see the Avast icon on the desktop. Click on the Avast icon and then tap on the Scan button. Scan your whole device with Avast antivirus and remove malware.

Install the compatible Avast setup

Avast antivirus will show the installation error when the setup is not compatible with the device. When you get the error, check the requirement of your Avast antivirus immediately. Now go to the Windows device and check whether the requirements match the specifications or not. If not, your Avast plan won’t install on the device. If you have a new Avast plan, cancel it and request a refund. After getting the refund, buy a compatible Avast plan for your device. But if you can’t get a refund for your Avast antivirus then try Avast cancel auto renew. Disable its auto-renewal feature and then use this Avast plan on any other device. You have to purchase a compatible Avast setup for your PC.

Increase the free hard-disk on the device

Installation errors can appear on the PC if the free hard disk is very low. Without the required amount of free space, your Avast antivirus will not install on the device. Go to your computer and check the hard-disk space. If the space seems very low, try to increase it. You can add an SSD to the PC to increase the hard-disk space. In case you don’t have an SSD then check for an external hard disk. Transfer the files that you don’t use often to the external hard disk. Another option to increase the free space is to delete large files. People often save lots of movies, series, etc on the device. These are heavy files and use lots of your hard disk data. Delete those files from your PC and you will get enough space. After increasing the free space, go to your Avast setup and try to install it on your device.

Remove another antivirus

Avast antivirus programs won’t work on the computer if you have another security program. The setups start conflicting and show errors. To fix this, you have to remove another antivirus from the device. People often forget to remove expired antivirus programs from the device. They often install freeware on the device and forget to uninstall them. Before installing Avast antivirus on the computer, check for free antivirus or all other security applications. Uninstall all those applications from the device. Also, remove the expired Avast setup (if any) from your PC. After removing all those security programs, install your new Avast program.

Remove junk from your Windows PC

Antivirus can show installation errors when the device has accumulated lots of junk files. The junk uses the hard-disk space and RAM of the device. Most of the PC junk files do not cause any issues. But sometimes, these files start interrupting the installation process. When the user tries to install an application, junk starts interrupting it. To fix this error, you should remove the junk from the computer. Go to the Windows device and check for unnecessary files and junk. You should remove the temp files. Open the temporary files folder and delete all files from the folder. Go to other files and delete the junk. On the Windows PC, you can also clean the junk using Windows clean manager tool. This tool on Windows will search for all junk files on the PC and then remove them. Open the Windows run bar and type cleanmgr. Now run this tool on your device and you will see a list of files. You have to choose the files to delete. After selecting, hit the OK button and the junk will be removed from the device. Now restart the computer and install your Avast antivirus.

Remove unreliable applications

You should check your computer for unreliable third-party applications. People often install free applications for gaming or editing. Many of these applications carry malware. When you install the application on your PC, malware enters and starts corrupting many processes. When the user installs anti-malware, these threats start interrupting it. You have to check the installed application list and remove the unreliable application. Once you remove those applications, your Avast antivirus will easily install on the Windows device.

Update your operating system

Whenever you have to install any application, always check for the OS update. You can get the Avast installation error when the OS is not updated. Go to your computer and run the OS update. Wait until the OS updates completely. Restart the system and now try to take your printouts.

Download fresh Avast antivirus setup

You get issues when the Avast setup is corrupted. Sometimes the setup gets corrupted while downloading. If the setup is corrupted or any file is missing, the Avast setup won’t install. Re-download Avast setup on your PC and now install it reliably.

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