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As a restaurant owner, excess food or ingredients are always a concern. Unless stored properly, they will expire and lead to heavy losses every month. Even for a reputed and seasoned restaurant with daily heavy client traffic, this can become a problem.

But thankfully, there are reliable technologies these days that let you do away with such concerns easily. And one such option is the commercial cryovac machine. Meanwhile, as per RMIT, at least 40% of food stocked by restaurants in Australia is wasted. As such, imagine how a vacuum sealer can solve the problem!

So, what makes it a worthy investment for every food business owner in the country?

Extended Shelf Life

Vacuum Sealers, like a commercial cryovac machine, prevent bacteria and oxygen from decaying the item since it gets vacuumed sealed. Thus, the shelf life of the food product increases significantly. Meanwhile, food can turn rancid in your freezer after a particular time but not when vacuum-sealed. This means you can use the food products for more days and preserve and sell them for a more extended period.

So, when the food does not get wasted, the losses are avoidable too.

Save Excess Ingredients

Say you chopped more onions or cilantro than you need. Usually, the chopped veggies, herbs and other ingredients tend to wilt faster. But with a commercial cryovac machine, you can vacuum seal them and then store them. This way, they will retain their taste and not get wasted either.

Vacuum sealed ingredients can last for 1-2 weeks, depending on what it is. For example, chopped garlic can last for two weeks or even more, but it is wise to use chopped herbs like dill, cilantro, or parsley at the earliest.

Reseal Opened Packets

Often the entire content of any packet is not needed, but it may lose its essence if not kept airtight. As such, finding individual containers for every spice can get tedious. But with a cryovac machine, you can avoid such troubles at all costs. Simply reseal the packet once used and save the rest for later.

This is also feasible if you are using sealed chips or frozen items in your restaurant, as the taste of which has to be locked.

Keep Liquor Fresh

Some cryovac machines come with a bottle sealer attachment. Hence, you can easily seal opened wine bottles and even other liquors, and this works when there are leftovers. However, this trick is not for sparkling wine as the vacuum sealer pulls out all air, thus leaving the wine flat.

The attachment is also suitable for vinegar, oils and even homemade dressings and oil infusions, as well as expensive food ingredients that can go rancid quickly.

Preserve Non-Food Items

Items like candles and matches, which are essential in emergencies but not frequently used, can be preserved using this technology. Matchsticks can get damp over time, and candles are often lost. However, when you put them in a bag and vacuum seal it, you can use them for years.

The same technology applies to documents related to your business. If you put them in a bag and seal it, you can prevent water damage or even corrosion due to the air.

For any food business like restaurants, the cryovac machine is a blessing when used correctly. The uses, as mentioned earlier, are essential, making the device an excellent investment for any restaurant owner.

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