What’s better than an island hopping holiday in Greece?

An island hopping holiday in Greece with all the added luxury of a cruise, of course!

Below, we’ll explore the outstanding benefits to visit Greece’s beautiful islands and why choosing to do this on a cruise will add an extra-special touch to your holiday.

Why Greece?

We probably don’t need to tell you that Greece is renowned for its stunning landscapes, welcoming hospitality and exceptional cuisine.

However, Greece has so much more to offer you than this, particularly when you go island hopping.

Around every corner, you’ll find another added treat, often stumbling upon isolated communities that haven’t been spoilt by commercialism or tourism.

It’s also steeped in history, which just adds to the romance of this destination. Everywhere you go, you’ll find connections to Greece’s colourful past, whether you’re visiting sites that still have Ancient Greek remains or you’re exploring one of its jaw-dropping Neoclassical mansions.

You also get the beautiful weather. With over 300 days of sunshine every year, it’s one of the world’s best climates as it’s not too hot or cold, making it the perfect place for year-round visits.

Why a Cruise?

So why visit Greece on a cruise?

Firstly, you’ll get to see so much more than if you’re travelling around by plane or car. Not limiting you to the more tourist-driven places and restricting how far you can go, island hopping is best done by sea.

Not only does it mean that you’ll anchor up at some of the most exclusive places but you’ll get to see these islands in all their glory. After all, you can’t beat seeing Greece’s stunning coastal landscape from the sea because it allows you to take it all in from the best possible angle and with unprecedented 360-degree views.

What’s more, as you approach, you’ll feel like you’re taking a step back in time to when the Ancient Greeks used to return home from their travels.

Equally, when you’ve finished your day’s sightseeing on one of the islands, the fun doesn’t just stop there. With ongoing entertainment on the cruise ship, from casinos to live acts, you get the best of both worlds – and without having to drag your suitcase all over with you, either.

Plus, you can often bag some great deals at places like Bolsover Cruise Club, so you’re getting all of the luxury but without the hefty price tag.

Ultimately, when you want to explore more than one destination with ease without having to live out of a backpack, cruises are the ideal choice. Simply hop on and off at the different islands while still returning to your luxurious accommodation at night. What more could you ask for?

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