The construction projects that involve the installation of the communication and power cables require the electrical engineers working on the same. The knowledge of cable engineering is preferable for such projects. The engineers always choose the circular cable connectors to make solid joints between the two pieces of the connectors. If you are an engineer and wondering why expert engineers and the technicians prefer using the circular connectors for cable joints, then you are at the right place. In this post, you’ll learn more about the benefits of using the circular connectors for cable joints. You’ll get to know about the preference of Circular connectors for cable joints of communication and the power cables in industrial usage.

Benefits of Using Circular Connectors?

#1 – Protection

The circular connectors for cable joints are made with precision. The connectors protect the exposed cable joints from the external risk factors. The risk factors like the corrosion, water, dust, and mud accumulation, etc. ruin the exposed connection, thus reducing the efficiency of the data transfer or the power transfer through the cables. The engineers find it easy to protect the exposed connections by using the circular cable connectors.

#2 – Installation

The installation of the cable connectors is easier than what you may think. Instead of joining the two open ends of the cable by hand, the engineers prefer using the circular connectors. The circular cable connectors snap easily on the loose ends of the cables and make the firm contact between the two ends. As the cables are going to be used for either communication or for power transmission, then the two loose ends should make contact with each other. Thankfully, with the help of cable connectors, the two ends of the cables will make firm contact with each other, resulting in minimum loss of signal or power.

#3 – Specification Standards and Application

The Circular cable connectors are used in multiple industries. The main application is for communication and power transmission, but millions of entities prefer using circular connectors over the other ways. There are many specifications standards, but only the popular ones are what we have to care about. There are DIN Standard connectors, MIL-Spec connectors, Aviation-Spec Connectors are many others. You should choose the best one that suits your needs. The DIN standard connectors are used in common day-to-day use or industrial use. The MIL-Spec connectors are not available for normal usage, as they are used by the militaries only. And then, the Aviation-spec connectors are used by the aviation companies to connect the communication and power cables in the aircraft. Each standard comes with the different use case and also different specifications followed by the countries. For example, the circular connectors in the US are slightly different than the circular connectors used in Japan. Nonetheless, they both offer the same functionality and cross-compatible.

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