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Are your windows old, outdated, single-glazed, and/or in poor condition?

Well, they could be costing you huge sums of money every year.

Indeed, the heat that windows let in and out of them account for between 25% and 30% of the total energy that you use to regulate the temperature in your house. To put it another way, you’re quite literally throwing money out the window!

If you want to turn that situation around, then installing double-glazed windows is one of the best ways to do it. The twin-panes are specifically designed to improve insulation and minimize heat loss/gain.

But the benefits involved don’t stop there! Want to learn more about the advantages involved? Keep reading to discover all about why double glazing is the perfect choice for your windows.

Your Home Temperature Is Regulated Better

It’s worth restating what we mentioned in the intro:

Double glazed windows are a supreme solution for regulating the temperature of your home! In other words, they prevent heat from getting inside in summer and out during winter.

The result? There’s less need to put your air conditioning or heater on full blast in the warmer or winter, respectively. With improved insulation, your house remains far more comfortable throughout the year anyway.

That’s a big deal wherever you live. However, it’s of particular importance in areas where temperatures fluctuate between extremes. Suddenly, with double-glazing in place, the weather outside has less impact on your comfort level inside.

You’ll Pay Less on Energy Bills

Single-glazed windows can be murder for your bank balance. After all, the energy that’s required to heat or cool your home (depending on the weather) isn’t free!

That’s bad news when a significant amount of heat escapes/enters through single panes of glass. You’re forced to crank the HVAC up a notch in order to make up the difference. Your energy use increases and your utility expenses go up as a result.

Double-glazed windows (with their enhanced insulating qualities) do the opposite. Install them into your home and it’s a matter of time before your energy bills go down.

You’ll Use Less Energy

Using less energy benefits more than just your bank balance!

The environment wins too.

After all, energy doesn’t just emerge from nothing. Traditionally, it’s required fossil fuels (coal, oil, and gas) to generate. We remove these non-renewable sources from the earth and, through one process or another, create energy from them.

Alas, the environment suffers at every stage. From drilling and digging to releasing harmful emissions into the atmosphere, we’re harming the planet at every turn.

That’s why energy-efficiency is so important. Limiting our energy consumption has a direct positive impact on the environment. And double-glazing helps you do it.

You’ll Enjoy a Quieter Home Life

A double glazed window does more than stop heat from getting in and out of your house.

It prevents noise as well. That’s right, double glazing is excellent at sound-proofing properties! Installing it is a sure-fire way to enjoy a more peaceful home-life.

Loud noises that might otherwise disturb you will be kept at bay. Think about airplanes flying overhead, cars driving outside, fireworks being released at night, and boisterous people passing by. None of it would matter as much with double glazed windows at your disposal.

You’ll Suffer Less Condensation

Condensation can prove problematic in single-glazed homes as well.

You know what it’s like! Whenever it’s colder outside than inside, you find mist and water droplets forming on the windows.

In some cases, so much moisture can form that significant issues start to develop. Window frames might start to rot over time, requiring expensive repairs or replacements. Or mold and mildew may start to form, which can cause serious health problems.

As you can see, it’s always better to steer clear of condensation. And guess what, double glazing can help you do it. Once again, its insulating properties come in useful and reduce the quantity of condensation that would otherwise form.

Your House Will Be Worth More

Let’s not forget that double glazing looks better too! People who install it tend to replace old and outdated frames and glass panes with cleaner, newer, and more modern alternatives.

The result? They enhance the overall aesthetic of their home. To put it another way, installing double-glazed windows will deliver bucket-loads of newfound curb appeal to your property.

All the aesthetic and functional advantages combine and make the home far more attractive to aspiring buyers. You’ll be able to get more money for the property if/whenever you come to sell it, helping you recoup the double glazing cost of investment.

Your House Will Be More Secure

It goes without saying that the security of your house is all-important.

Unfortunately, crime rates across the country are only going up. Given the chance of suffering practical, emotional, and financial damage at the hands of intruders, all home-owners should take steps to increase the security of their property.

Spotlights, solid door locks, and CCTV are the most effective ways to do this. But installing double glazed windows should make a difference too! After all, they’re far newer and more robust than single-glazed alternatives, providing better protection against unwanted entry.

Now You Know Why Double Glazed Windows Are the Future For Homes

Windows do more than let light and fresh air into your home.

They play a crucial role in regulating the temperature inside the property! Thin panes with low-grade frames let heat pass in and out with ease. Your house gets hotter and colder in the process, forcing the HVAC system to work harder to keep things comfortable.

As we’ve seen, energy (and your hard-earned money) drains away as a result.

Thankfully, double glazed windows provide the perfect antidote. Hopefully, the information in this post has explained why that’s the case and convinced you to install them in your home!

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