Biotin or Vitamin B7 or Vitamin H- whichever name it is called by, is a water soluble vitamin. It means that it is not stored in the human body and so it has to be replenished daily. The good news about biotin is that it is found in a large number of sources, in both the plant as well as the animal kingdom, and so it is rare that one can have a deficiency of biotin. Nevertheless, the reduction of biotin in the body can have a number of effects like loss of shine and bounce from hair, hair loss, fatigue and stress.

Biotin helps the body to metabolize fat, carbohydrate and protein and nuts, eggs and meat are its richest sources. The biotin tablets are mostly recommended for pregnant woman because they tend to use up biotin more than any other individual, because of the rapid metabolism that takes place in the human body. Moreover, the biotin is a coenzyme for carboxylase enzymes. These enzymes help with synthesizing and creating fatty acids which are not otherwise produced by the body on its own.

They also help with the synthesizing of fatty acids like isoleucine and valine and the breaking down of these amino acids is essential for the healthy functioning of a lot of vital organs of the body, although we may not be always aware of it. It also helps in generating glucose and that is how the body constantly gets energy, as the biotin plays a role in breaking down carbs and releasing energy in the body. On the other hand, they also help in lowering excessive blood glucose and this is great for those who are suffering from diabetes, both Type 1 and Type 2.

When animal studies have been conducted, it has been seen that biotin also helps with the stimulation and secretion of insulin from pancreas which is most important for those who are fighting diabetes. Studies have also revealed that biotin helps with repairing nerve damage and helps those who are undergoing dialysis and have kidney disease. Basal Ganglia disease, which is a kind of inherited nerve disorder, can also be improved, if not completely cured through biotin supplements.

The illness tends to affect a part of the nervous system that controls movement and it has been seen that biotin and thiamin works best when it comes to improving the condition. It is also helpful for treating multiple sclerosis that can lead to prolonged muscle weakness over time if not treated early.

The Purayati multivitamins supplements for biotin have often been recommended by doctors for treating such conditions or simply to ensure that a person leads a healthy and stress free life at any given point in time. While it is not right to take supplements without the doctor’s supervision, a regular pill of biotin, even for a couple of months can definitely improve the overall health condition of an individual, especially for those who are diabetic or for pregnant woman.


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