By making patient decrees, individuals guarantee that their wishes concerning their medical treatment will be strictly followed. They regulate medical procedures in the final stages of illnesses or following severe accidents. The patient decree must be made by an individual it concerns.

Advantages of Patient Decree

Patient decrees are currently becoming popular as more and more individuals realise the importance of making vital decisions about their end of life and medical care ahead of time. There are many legal battles out there about the expenses and how long to keep individuals alive using medical treatments.

A patient decree will help prevent some of these battles by allowing individuals to document their wishes and preferences. The benefits of a patient decree include:

  • Delegate decision making
  • Help to get the care you wish to have
  • Helps authorise the treatments that an individual needs
  • Eliminate financial issues for the family
  • Makes sure that the physicians follow your wishes
  • It makes life easier for other family members

To Whom a Patient Decree Makes Sense

A patient decree makes sense to individuals with permanent unconsciousness, contemplating imminent death. Also, those with conditions that make it difficult for them to think or imagine. The financial and emotional costs of being kept alive when there are no chances of recovery can prove to be severe.

A patient decree is just one way of planning for the end of your life. You will be sure that your life wishes will be considered when you are not in the position to make your own decisions. They provide you with the much-needed security and relieve of the heavy medical burden.

How to Prepare a Patient Decree

When preparing a patient decree, you can either do it yourself or hire an attorney to help you. The attorney you hire should focus on the estate planning to create advance directives for you. Also, you can create one for yourself, but you must ensure that it meets all the state’s requirements.

You can use resources such as a legal document creation application, free patient decree forms available in local hospitals, senior centres or even the state’s medical association to prepare your patient decree.

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